Sissy Panty Rubs for Miss Faye
by Prim

  "Good-bye, Missus Johnstone, good-bye Missus Aubermerle." Miss Faye closed the door on the two mothers, then turned to her pupils for the afternoon. They both dropped their gaze and squeezed their knees together in sissy shame and shyness. They were twenty and twenty-one now, and yet they were in little dresses that said everything about the nature of their sexes. Farley Johnstone's dress in apple green satin was so short that he pulled at it at the front in an effort to hide his panties.

"Well now, boys, shall we hold hands, and I will take you into my sitting room where we can begin our sissy lesson for this week." She took Matthew by the hand and his other hand was taken after a moment's crisis of emotion by blond haired Farley. "That's good. Now come along with me and I will teach you how you can be far more feminine when you are being a sissy-girl in front of another sissy-girl."

The boys held their breaths as they followed. They were overwhelmed by Miss Faye's lovely white blouse with its tie-jabot of shimmering silk, her little leather skirt and her shiny, black ladies' boots. But their hearts were also preoccupied with the ever so pretty sweetheart with whom they were going to share their sissy lesson today. Once in the sitting room, with its soft warm browns and beiges, Miss Faye had the boys holding hands and facing her. Then she sat on her settee and crossed one stocking over the other as if showing the sissies her gleaming boot.

"Look at my face, Farley. I don't want you to sink your chin into your wide white dress collar while I'm teaching you. Now boys, today I am going to teach you how to bring a lot of girlish pleasure to another sissy with what we call 'panty-rubs'.

Matthew gasped and swayed onto one leg as his other knee felt weak and slid to and fro across his other leg. Farley pulled even harder at his dress to hide all he could of his pink silk panties.

"For the purposes of this lesson, you will help your sweetheart with his dress and panties."

This time Matthew gasped out loud, and Farley whimpered with worry in the delicate part of his throat.

"First, you must lift your sweetheart's dress and petticoat at the front. Let go of Farley's hand, Matthew, so that he can be first to lift up your dress. Here, Farley - use these safety pins to fasten Matthew's dress up at the front."

Farley half turned to Matthew, but his chin sank into the collar of his dress again and he rocked on a foot and a toe, his dress and petticoats swaying from side to side. Matthew was embarrassed too in front of Miss Faye. Lifting each other's dresses was so emotional.

"Matthew," said Miss Faye, "take the pins and you can be first to lift Farley's dress. Fasten it up to his shoulders for him, and his petticoats too, so that his panties are uncovered for us to see them.

Farley hid his face in his hands as Matthew lifted the hem of green satin, together with all three petticoat frills, and fastened them up at one of Farley's shoulders. Then he did the same at the other side, so that the sissy looked very sweet and frilly indeed, a bit like a sissy maid with a frilly bibbed apron and no skirt. His pink panties were very pretty, with feminine designs embroidered in pale pink lace all over them.

"Farley - it's your turn!" Miss Faye held out the pins for him, and the sissy's breath came in short pants as he opened out Matthew's pleated skirt of pale blue plaid. He lifted the boy's petticoat too, and clipped them in place at the shoulders of his dress. Their panties were facing each other in soft, shiny fabrics, feeling unbelievably rosy.

"Now, darlings, look how excited your clitties have become. Why are they stiffened and throbbing like this, Matthew? Is it because you feel like a girl?"

Matthew felt far more vulnerable than usual with his dress pinned up at the front. He struggled to lift his voice enough for Miss Faye. "I - I think it's b-because I'm so close to Sissy Farley's clittie, ma'am." Both boys had their knees bent across each other and shaddled on one toe in their high heels. Their clitorises lengthened as Miss Faye lingered and allowed them to wait for her to carry on. She spoke again, in a warm, soft voice.

"What do you think your clitties want to do next?"

The boys needed time to think, or rather, time to ponder the shocking possibilities of their sexless position. This time it was Farley who put the feelings of his cock into words. "I want to touch it, Miss Faye - with mine." There was a shudder as he drew breath before adding: "Can we touch our clitties together - in our girly panties?"

Matthew's tongue appeared and he wet his lips as his knees slithered together. But his cock remained where it was, reaching eagerly towards Farley's panty point.

"Hold each other's arms at the elbows, my dears. Or would you like to hold at the hips?" The boys bumped hands as Farley tried to hold Matthew on his arms while Matthew aimed for his sweetheart's waist. "Now, touch your clitties together, very softly, tip to tip."

The boys gasped, then bleated little cries as they felt the press of their sweetheart's helmet against their own. "Love those girlish feelings in your clittie," said Miss Faye, changing legs as her own feelings understood the blissful sweetness her pupils were feeling. "Smooth them together. That's right, Farley, push a little with your bottom. There now - isn't that lovely? Feel the dampness, the warmth. You are making your sweetheart love your clitoris." Their cocks slid more smoothly together and the boys bleatings became louder, uncontrolled. "That's your girlishness and sweetness coming out," said Miss Faye, breathing more quickly herself as the boys slid their juicing clittie-helmets together, looking down at their love play and saying: "I love you, Matthew," "I love you Farley." Then their juices flowed with no hope of control, and the sissies watched as their helmets pumped little spurts of cum all over each other's drooling panty helmets.