Hello my sweet thing. Are you wearing what you feel very feminine in while we read my Newsletter together, you sitting in my lap? I want to hold your hand, and I'll hold your girly clitty too, to make you feel especially close to your Aunt Frocks.

I've got a question for you, my pet. Lots of girls have written to me, with some of their letters right here, but what about you? HAVE YOU WRITTEN TO ME? I so want you to. Then I can write you back a nice letter from my heart.

You can tell me about your fave fashions and your nicest feelings while you are dressing, or wearing your femmy outfits to go out with the girls.

Or you can write and tell me how it all began for you? I love that kind of letter, so personal, so heartfelt and emotional. Remember though: if you write to me, I will presume you are happy for me to publish your letter, either here in my Newsletter, or in my Tell Aunt Frocks page in the next issue of Prim's Petticoat Pansies inside the Wendyhouse.

The third thing I'd like to hear from you is what Prim pics or stories you like best. Or what would you like Prim to include to make you even more excited?

This Newsletter is where I can tell you more about new developments in Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse. Let's start with the new individual orders you can make. I know some girls don't like memberships and prefer just to buy an issue outright. Now you can do this, so far with just the Walt Wisconsin story. Six of the eight parts of the story are already in the Wendyhouse. Walt Wisconsin Part 7 can now be purchased and fully downloaded for you to keep: your authorization codes will last for one month. You can order it if you go here:

Walt Wisconsin Order Page

Next March after six months, it will pass into the Wendyhouse archive with all the rest of Prim's stuff: 556 stories and 360 Prim pics so far. You're probably wise staying put where you are until it arrives. But on the other hand thank you to all of you who have bought the new issue and supported us: Big cuddles into my blouse for you.

But darling, something very exciting for sissies is about to burst onto the scene, and it will be here on this Home Page. Announcing the new Prim and Prissy story collections. Part #1 will be Sissified Husbands, a collection of six Prissy drawings, each one filled out with a Prim story. For sissies who love to be emasculated and humiliated, like you hon, they will be very hot. Like Walt Wisconsin #7 the Prim and Prissy story-books won't be in the Wendyhouse, and unlike WW#7 they won't end up in the Wendyhouse either. They are a separate story venture for sissies who like Prissy art and Prim stories. They will be out this month, so keep an eye on the Home Page for messages about when that first issue will become available.

But I'm telling you too much instead of sharing girls letters and photos with you, sweetheart. Let's get on with it, shall we, and see this month's Star Letter.

Aunt Frocks xxx

The first girl I want you to see today, darling, is Emma, because she is so loveable with her gorgeous smile.

See what I mean? Isn't she beautiful, to start off my Newsletter for you? Now let's read some of the letters girls have sent me, starting with THIS one:

------ OUR STAR LETTER ------

Dear Aunt Frocks,

I read your last Newsletter and the star letter attracted me because in it Sissy Gemma told you how she got caught trying on her Auntie Jayne's panties. I got caught too, not by one Auntie but by three women, and it wasn't as nice and cosy as for Sissy Gemma.

I was working in an office in the City, where everyone was professional and had a job to do. That included me and lots of other guys, and all the women amongst us were high powered and even bossy. One day I made a life-changing discovery. I went to fetch stationery for my desk and while I was looking through the drawers of a filing cabinet I found a box full of tights. Next to it were a couple of pairs of women's high heels.

I knew at once this was exciting, perhaps because tights cover women's most personal places. I wanted the panty part of their tights to enclose my sex too. I took a couple of tights out, went into the side room and took off my trousers and briefs, socks and shoes. Then I drew on one of the pairs of tights. I was struck straight away by the thrill. I put on a pair of shoes too, too tight to walk in them, but totally feminine. I was a girl.

It was too risky in case I got caught, so I took them off and put them all back. But I just had to do that again. It was the next day, and I took the whole box through to the side room, shut the door, and dressed my legs and sex in women's tights again. Then the shock of my life. The door opened and one of the women came in: an area advisor. She took one look at me, turned and went out. I knew she was going to spread this all over the office floor, but as I struggled to get the tights off my legs, she was back with two of the other women. I knew them all of course.

They said things like: "Do you want to dress as a woman?" and "What are we going to think of you now?" I felt really cut down to size. But one of them called Caroline was kinder to me. She said: "Do you want to wear a skirt too?" Then she said: "I know." She put her hands up her skirt and pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. "Here X" she said, I can't give you my name. "You can put these on to go over your tights." She was encouraging me to enjoy myself, but the other two just watched with cold faces as I pulled up her panties until they were over my tights. I had a hard-on. Then Caroline put her arms round me and kissed me full on the lips, tongue in my mouth. I'm sure I was rampant - I wasn't used to a woman climbing all over me. When she finished, the other two still watching with expressions like I was being done over by women, she said: "You can wear your tights all day, if you like, and my panties. Give them a wash and bring them back to me tomorrow." But I said I wanted to get changed back into my own things.

I was right about it getting all round the office, men and women both. I just had to try and put it out of my mind. One thing, though, this was the start of me being a crossdressing fanatic. Now I wear tights and panties 24/7 and heels all the time at home. Caroline and me tried dating but it didn't work out. Now we're just good friends.

Aunt Frocks, see if your girls like this story of how I got caught.

Tizzy x

My dear Tizzy,

Your letter is just what I was hoping you would write to me, because I want girls to tell me about their moment of being found out, or even about close shaves they've had. You were unlucky that someone found you who was going to 'let the cat out of the bag', but in a way, darling, that was ideal. You were discovered 'in flagrante', probably with a stiffie, and surrounded by curious women. They can be hard sometimes, these girls. You were particularly lucky in having a mixture: two cool girls thinking "He's a sissy," and one thinking "Isn't he sweet." And to put you into her panties! - Darling, you were so lucky. She helped you to see what you had been missing, and how you could be enjoying these pleasures every day.

I'm thrilled to say you have written the Star Letter for this Newsletter, so I can happily send you authorization codes for a free month inside the Wendyhouse. Lots of crossdressing stories for you to enjoy there, hon.

And thank you so much for writing to tell us about how you got caught.

Love and kisses,

Aunt Frocks xxx

Let's not confuse Tizzy with the blonde bombshell who sent me her glossy fashion photos. This is Trixie:

Trixie is in the Rose Room now, and she tells me she is a real slut. Hmm, I can believe her.

Letter 2 - It was me, Brassiered and Petticoated

I was surprised and delighted to read the star letter in your July '18 newsletter. The reference to the 13 front hook long line bra, long time fascination with the catalog depictions of those constraining foundation garments, and allusions to the delights of full slips all sounded too familiar. And no wonder, I had forgotten that I had written it some time ago under my pseudonym, Brassiered and Petticoated. That letter was the first which I ever wrote to anyone to share my life-long love for lingerie and I thank you especially for your enablement. Following it with the foundation pictures was just the right touch.

You have welcomed and encouraged me and I hope that I may have done the same for you in a small way with my thoughts. For the first time as far as I am aware you published several photos of stuffed panties, which leave no doubt that there is a true sissy inside. The one where there is a partly successful escape from that humiliating confining satin panty is particularly delightful. But such a naughty boy should be chastised properly. Like me he should be plugged, panty girdled and long line brassiered for days on end. I am looking forward to more lingeried sissy photos as you promised. A few with fully or partially lingeried sissys kissing and cuddling, in Prim style, would be very nice also. I believe that such an addition to your already wonderful site will attract new followers and keep others like me coming back again and again. And there is no need to be too graphic or gross as is common at many of the so called "competitive" sites which are not nearly as sensitive, welcoming and encouraging as yours.

Like you, I do not find unadorned male genitals particularly attractive. But when they are restrained in a pair of frilly nylon panties they are so adorably humiliating trying to escape their confinement. Perhaps even kissable by a well lipsticked mouth. What a naughty look that would be. Now panties are fine, and I wear them under my boy clothes all of the time, usually with a bra also. But what I love even more are my full slips which I always wear without panties. The scratchy lace against of the bodice against my little nipples, the feel of the silk against my bottom, and the slipping and sliding with every move against my most sensitive parts is beyond my ability to adequately describe. And of course there is nothing as cute as that tent in the front with what is at first just a little damp spot. But then with a rush and a gush the slip becomes fully saturated and very sheer and virtually transparent. How embarrassing! I thought that I found a way to overcome such humiliation. I have an extensive collection of full slips in virginal white, naughty black, and my favorite color, feminizing pink, as well as half-slips in matching colors. My bright idea was to contain the "problem" by being creative. So a black half-slip first, with a lacy feminine full slip over it. But the tent pole became even harder, though my wet spot was well contained. For a little while. But soon the wet half-slip spot seeped in to my pink full-slip and then expanded in a large unmistakeable fashion as a give away of my plight. Maybe someone could advise me as to how many half-slips are needed to contain this petticoated sissy.

l do not find the Rose Room particularly exciting. The "girls" are pretty enough, but there is no suggestion of that give away lump which every good sissy should proudly display. And not a single tented skirt. If they truly are boys, which I doubt, they have been over feminized and ruined as desirable sissies for life. What a shame. The only hope for these poor creatures would be forced lesbianization.

One other thought. With your letters you often feature photos of dresses and other girl clothes with the most lovely captions. You might get some pretty sissies to model some of the lovely things that are available from traditional sources, instead of just showing them as they come out of the package. Make a deal with one or more commercial suppliers to provide a 10% discount to your members, and a one-time payment or 5% royalty to you. Really want to see you continue your wonderful offerings.

With those comments, I remain yours with hugs and kisses and forever

brassiered and petticoated.

Dear Brassiered and Petticoated (you have an ever-so-sissy name, darling),

Thank you for seeing my Newsletter and finding your very own STAR LETTER at the start of it. I am so happy that you saw it and rescued me from losing who the writer was. I'm glad too that you liked those little panty bulge pics I included for you and the girls. Your idea for punishing the gurl whose clittie squeezed over her panty elastic is harsh, with hooked and zipped enclosure in senior ladies' shapewear for days on end. But honey, don't you think the sissy might ENJOY that treatment. She might think it worth trying her misdemeanour again, and allow her panty bulge to pop right out in public, in front of ladies! Can you imagine the punishment next time around which would certainly have to be more severe.

Your suggestion for including photos that are one step more explicit - with fully or partially lingeried sissies kissing and cuddling - is something for me to bear in mind. I'll have to wait until a sissy sends me such a photo, won't I, for me to decide what is best: to log it away or to share it with all our girls. Of course you can always send me one or two photos of yourself playing those nice full slip games you enjoy: we'd love to share them with you, especially if that 'publicity' made you feel ever so sissy.

I'm afraid you are quite wrong though, my darling, about the girls in the Rose Room. They are most definitely gurls pretending to be boys pretending to be girls: or to be simple about it: every one is a cross-dresser, no exceptions. Some of them enjoy 'lesbianization' too, I can assure you, although we don't show that.

If you want to see those fabulous sissy-girly dresses modelled by true feminine sissies, visit Sissy Suzee's site Pretty Sissygirls with this link:

Pretty Sissygirls

Lots of beautiful dresses there, all worn by such girly girls.

Now darling. Your letter was chosen for STAR LETTER in my Newsletter, so you get to have a free month's membership in the Wendyhouse. I don't know if you are a member (I think you must be) or when you want it to start. So you need to look at your bank account to see when the next recurring payment is due: then you need to cancel your membership (go to JOIN the Wendyhouse page, click the red circle JOIN button and you'll find what to do through FAQs.)

What a clever (and very effeminate) sissy you are.

Love from your Aunt Frocks x

Let's think a bit more about what I mentioned in my last Newsletter: a sister-room to the Rose Room, which will be devoted to girls who sent us photos of their lingerie. They can be wearing it, or showing their precious frillies to us all laid out sweetly so that we can see how dainty they are. We love panties especially, don't we hon? I was saying how nice it is to see those exciting bulge's pushing eagerly into silk or nylon panty gussets with girlish excitement. Take a look at these nice photos to see what I mean.

Here are some links to help you browse more sissy panties, or indeed my darling, to give you one or two online shop windows to choose some nice pairs to buy.

Sissy panties on Etsy

Sissy panties in the Sissy Kiss boutique

Sissy panties on ebay

Sissy panties on You Tube

I'd love to show lots more panty photos in my next Newsletter, so it's up to you, sweetheart, to send me your panty-snaps.

Letter 3 - Girly bed games I like to play

Playing on the bed with my rubber girlfriend-doll, Ramona. I dress her in stockings with suspenders or pantyhose, high heels, panties, brassiere, nylon slips, and then I dress her up as a secretary, or schoolmistress: in this way I can have very exciting sexy games as if in the real world, my head up under her skirt for instance, or fucking her on the bed as my schoolmistress.

But the thing is she has dressed me up in her clothes too. So it's like I am double dressed in her things for our sexplay.

Great site. Great artist, and it's great the way you look after us, Auntie.


Dear Danielle,

Thank you hon, for writing to tell us about your bedroom frolics with Ramona. What a super idea: girls together, and she can be whoever you want her to be: schoolmistress, office secretary, it's your call. You've got a sweet imagination. Prim tells me that when he was a young crossdresser living on his own, he used to have all his dresses, or tops and skirts, on coat-hangers, each with a name on it. So he could dress himself today as Mandy, tomorrow as Petunia, and so on, the little minx. That's close to your idea of finding so much dressing fun with Ramona.

Enjoy your feminine side, my darling.

Aunt Frocks x

We are all different girls, aren't we, and not all girls are forward about displaying their unmentionables. Take Priscilla, for example: she is FAR more into showing off her impressively wardrobe of ultra-fem gowns.

I think we all agree that Priscilla's satin dresses are mouth-watering and awesomely feminine. You're a Princess, Priscilla. Thank you for your photos.

Letter 4 - from Kayee

Dear Susan,

I am so delighted to get your reply and, so kind of you to send me the warm words.

The pictures I offered were just for you to choose, please believe that I was not to promote myself,

I should get into your website soon after I got the first letter from Prim, to have an idea what's inside and what you perhaps need.


But still I am very glad to see the mini-gallery of my pictures that Prim made, and those in your news letter, for this I want say 100 thanks.

It's the first time I show my dressing-picture on an independent website.

So I would say thank you again.

all the best

Kayee Jiang

My dear Kayee,

Forgive me for writing to you in place of my nephew Prim, I'll tell you why in a moment, but first, thank you so much for your zip folder of photos which you are offering to us at the Wendyhouse. They are adorable. More than that, they are works of art. What an accomplished photographer you are, and an artist. I love your individual choice of dress, darling. My favourites in your folder are in vintage, yellow silk, transparent and cosplayer, all because of your fashion choices. Prim loves your green coat and would like to wear it himself. There are limits I set myself though, sweetheart. I want to show costumes rather than body parts, lol, so straight photos of a penis is not what I want in my Newsletter. On the other hand I make exceptions for slight sex appearances, like your Selfie photo for example, or for Prayer, which I like. But for Office girl I'm not happy about showing that one, which is a pity because I love what you are wearing.

But darling, I am delighted to have already included photos of you that I downloaded from your photostream. Of course you need codes to access the members' site at the Wendyhouse, so here are codes that will last you another month:

Username: xxxxxxxxx

Passcode: xxxxxxxxx

Go to the website at www.primspetticoatwendyhouse.com

Click on ENTER, then Login and enter those codes when asked for authorization.

When you are in the Wendyhouse, click on the Rose Room to find your own gallery, which Prim created for you. Then go to the Emma Room where all my newsletters are, click on the latest one, Newsletter 25, and you will find some other photos that I chose from your Flickr account.

I hope you like. Now, of course, with these new photos you have sent to me, I will be able to feature you again.

Enjoy yourself in the Wendyhouse, pet, and thank you for taking so much trouble to share such a lovely folder of photos with us. You are a sweetie!

Warm hugs,

Aunt Frocks x

Kayee is a model and a photographer too. A very impressive artist.

Beautiful styles, Kayee. Thank you for showing us how effeminately you wear them.

Letter 5 - I feel like such a lady in a corselette

Thank you, Aunt Frocks ( I apologogize for addressing you as Auntie: I was getting ahead of myself a little...), for your considerate reply!

As I said yesterday, I love most of the stories in your Wendyhouse rooms, but I don't take pictures of myself - I don't want to make a "travesty" of myself...! I am 67 years old, with slim and effeminate features, fairly long hair, identify as a woman (or girl, for that matter), live privately in lingerie, slips or nighties, babydolls often, always with full coverage panties, the kind now called granny panties, sissy panties are also a favorite of mine - only dress in "drab" when I go out... Bras and the wonderfully constricting foundation garments such as girdles, corselettes, all-in-ones, bodybriefers etc. are also a big attraction, freeing one of all concerns about one's figure...!

I feel like such a lady in a corselette, so elegant and beautiful...! Lipstick, Rouge, some make-up and especially perfume, also necklaces and earrings are a big enhancer of my femininity - I should have been born a girl: my mother wanted one...!

I don't practise my dressing as a "gaudy" expression, but as a means of showing my worship of woman as the ideal of beauty - her softness, understanding, love and reasonableness are my ideals ( I am a professional violinist in classical music...) - yes, that's who I want to be: a loving, elegant, yes attractive woman of a Lesbian persuasion - I do have a girlfriend who lets me dress and make love in my role as sissy girl, but we haven't yet found the complete roles: I gave her bundles of my lingerie, educate her in feminine foundations and finery, whereas it should be the other way around...! I guess hence I reach out to you as an understanding Auntie (pardon me again for taking liberties) who might even dress and tease me about what a lovely soft sissy I am...but I do wonder: what's in it for you?... Yes, you're running a business, and there must be financial rewards, but what pleasure could you get out of enhancing a sissy's feminine dreams...! From your reply I sense a classy lady, as we say here in the US (actually, I grew up in Germany, but my mother was Italian...), if you don't mind conversing with me some more, I would love it...

for now, affectionately,


Suzanne darling, you are wrong to think I am 'ending our correspondence'. I've just read your mail of Sept 3rd and enjoyed learning more about the wide but focused range of your love of ladies' lingerie. I hadn't replied yet because I get a lot of mails, pet, and they wait in line, if you see what I mean. On the other hand, I love it when girls tell me about their fetishes and desires, the more deeply they love them the more exciting it is to me. Yes, exciting, because believe it or not, sissy boys who want to be girls is a primary source of sexual excitement to me: I see the love of dressing and the love of women's garments in my nephew and in so many other sissies, and I share that passion in a feminine way.

That partly explains to you 'what's in it for me', apart from business and a living. But the real 'what's in it for me' is dealing with sissies and being able to provide them with all the lovely sissy/girly/transgender stuff we deal with in our website. That's why the Wendyhouse doesn't just offer Prim art and stories with their arousal value, we also share girls' thoughts and letters, their photos which are beautiful, and generally present a mix of all things tv/tg. I suppose other sites do similar, but they don't have me and Prim to listen to the girls.

So yes, darling, we chat by email and it's not just to present a service, it's because we love hearing from you, and even helping where we can. On the other hand it could be that I can't promise what you may be hoping for: a regular exchange, like once a week between you and me. Darling, I'd love to, but I just wouldn't have enough time to do justice: you'd find yourself writing three letters to my one and you'd soon get fed up. Occasional letters are fine, pet. In fact I'd love that. Then I can include your thoughts and desires in my letters columns.

How lucky you are in having a loving partner who understands your dressing side. Even shares it with you in love play in a lesbian-style relationship: that's priceless and she must be a jewel. It's a pity you don't do photos, not even of your lingerie, but you can write to me and tell me and the girls all about your panties and corselets and how they make you feel. Maybe that's something you could write to me about in your next few letters: what you like to do with your lingerie if you have bedroom games, either on your own or with your girlfriend.

I want your slips and shapewear to make you feel more feminine, darling, with my blessing.

Warm cuddles, pet.

Aunt Frocks x

Next it's Tina, who likes big hair and frothy leisure-wear, all in pink of course.

Fabulous, Tina darling. It would be difficult to get more girly than you are in your photos.

Letter 6 - Disappointed

I just wanted to write to state my disappointment at the last Walt episode, or rather how after advertising it for months, it turns out to be not arriving at all. It is bad enough that every promised new story etc. is months later than promised, but to find out that it isn't available at all, feels deceptive.

I am sure that Prim is feeling the financial pinch but this is how you lose subscribers and make people wary of subscribing again.


Hello Joanne. Thank you for writing to me to express your disappointment, otherwise how are we to know how our girls feel?

It's fully understandable that you should feel disappointment at this change in the way things were up to now, but what can I say except to say it like it is. The Wendyhouse plan of presenting a constantly growing archive for members to enjoy provides everyone with all Prim's work. Well, the odd picture goes elesewhere, like to Aunt Helga at Petticoated.com. That means that the pics and stories are available full time all year round, and we feel the cost for members is reasonable.

Some say it's ridiculous, as in ridiculously low. But for my Aunt and me it's an income that has remained level now for nearly 18 months. You can't run a business like that without finding growth. The six month delay for Walt and PPP#34 which is coming soon, and all following issues, means I can sell those issues, which is what other sites do like Lustomic, Sardax, Carole Jean at the Art of Petticoat Punishment and more. Unlike them, my issues will then be made available again to members as each six month delay comes up. Walt Wisconsin Part 7, for instance, will go into the Wendyhouse in March. In the meantime you can only get to see the new Walt Wisconsin by buying it. That depends whether you want to see it now, or whether you can wait, and that decision is your call. This is what the new plan is about. Your freedom to choose.

You are absolutely right, Joanne, to say my work is slow: Walt has been promised for ages and has only now appeared. Part of that delay was setting up the new ordering system which took some doing. I apologise for the long wait which has frustrated our readers, but now it's available. Available either to buy, or to wait for. When you say it feels deceptive, I can understand that too, but that might be because you weren't aware of the warnings we put out. This new payment plan was explained in Aunt Frocks' Newsletter in July, and I added a message at the top of the Home Page and in the Wendyhouse to say the Newsletter contained details of important changes in payments. So it wasn't a trick, hon, more of a plan. We have been open in changing over so the girls know what we are doing. You just have to choose: pay for Prim's new issues from now on, or sit tight in the Wendyhouse and wait for them to come through. Or a bit of both.

I'm glad to say everyone is sitting tight like the brilliant supporters they are, while some girls can't wait and have bought Walt #7. It sounds like you have done too, darling, so thank you for your support. I hope you understand where we are coming from. One thing I can say: I will be trying to get new issues out more regularly. That should work well, because previously there was no 'reward' to me for bringing out a new issue, other than providing pleasure to our members. Now it's different: once I bring out the next issue there are sales, and that's a big incentive to start on the next.

Do you see how the new scheme should help us and you, both? We'll see how it works.

A big thank you, Joanne, for being a supporting member, and for enjoying the Wendyhouse. Pass on a good word for us if you think it's exciting to sissies who like forced feminization.

Love, Prim x

and love from Aunt Frocks too x

We have no shortage of lovely sissy girls for you in my October Newsletter, sweetheart. I know you will appreciate how sweet it is for us to ogle Bimbo Sissy Jenni:

Just look at those soft shoulders and cuddly arms. Jenni's Mistress is sooooo lucky to have such a cutesy maid about the house.

Letter 7 - Stepmothers, aunts and lacy anklets

Alright do you have any stories featuring stepmothers, aunts, or neighbourhood women? I know you have mother-in-law, teachers, bosses, wives, etc.

Also any stories that focus on the frilly socks they wear? I find those one of the most humiliating aspects. Yes the clothing is humiliating but the dainty little ankle socks or frilled socks are oh so humiliating.

Lucy x

Yes Lucy, plenty of stories that include stepmothers putting their poor stepson through petticoat discipline and humiliation. Aunts too - the main one is the Helpless Adventures of Johnny which goes through 40 chapters. Johnny is adopted by his Aunt Barbara and Aunt Myrna, who own a women's fashion boutique. When they discover him trying on some of their dresses they force feminize him with daily dressing with medications that add to his sense of shame, including age regression and babyfication.

Frilly ankle socks come into quite a few Prim pictures but nylon stockings or pantyhose is far more common. I agree with you that those lovely nylon frills and lace around a sissy's ankles are particularly girly. They are usually worn with a low heel or half heel version of Mary Jane shoes in black patent. Aren't they so cute!

Thanks for writing to say what you like. So helpful, hon.

Feel feminine.

Prim x

Another new Rose in the Rose Room is the adorable Penelope Guiltrip. Wow, what a smile, and such fashion sense!

You are lovely, Penelope. Thank you for sharing your photos with us.

Letter 8 - How did it all begin?


I am a big fan of your work, be it stories or art; and I have a bit of a big question.

What inspired the creation of Prissies Sissies and later on, the Wendyhouse?

I'm quite curious at the "origin story" if you'll pardon my would-be novelist mind.

I wish you a lovely day

Hello my friend.

I'm pleased that my art work brings you delight. Sure I'll tell you how it all began: Back in the late 70s I used to correspond with a friend who later became Curtus: swapping stories and art for each other, no publications at all. Then another friend joined in, who later became Prissy (1984-5). Then I dropped out for personal reasons, but returned 20 years later when I began browsing the internet and discovered Prissy's Sissies. So we teamed up again. Then Prissy 'retired', so I needed to start up my own website as a livelihood. I've lost touch with Curtus, but Prissy has helped me a lot: without his help there would be no Wendyhouse. He still sends me pics to include on my website.

Hope that fills in the 'origin story', hon.

Warm wishes,

Prim x

(This reply was written before Prim and Prissy decided to work on Prim-Prissy combined art-work and stories. Remember, darling, we can look forward to them, with the first set coming out this month.)

Brenda is another soft and sensuous girl who dresses fabulously. I'm sure you agree.

She is new in the Rose Room. Pay a visit and see her photo gallery: I'm sure she will be appearing in the new lingerie boudoir too, when it opens.

Letter 9 - Mattie Fanny asks if babies can be in the new lingerie room

Dear Auntie Frocks,

I soo enjoyed your doting over my soppy baby pictures in your last newsletter. I know Auntie does not trust me outside of my padded nursery wear, but after reading about the new 'Lacy Lingerie Boudoir' invitation, I couldn't help peeling off my diapers and plastic panties to slip into some real panties, silks and frillies so that I could show off for you like a big girl! While in some cases you will see that I was able to get a little stiffie tenting up, I fear that most of these piccies do the opposite of accentuating my poor cockie. Of course it wasn't long before I began wetting my panties.

Anyway, I do hope Auntie enjoys (please note: the one's highlighted in 'YELLOW' stand out to me the best.)

Slippery satin hugs,

Little Mattie Fanny

Mattie sweetie, my precious,

What a good girl you are for sending me so many cutesy photos of yourself in your sissy lingerie. Just what I wanted, so you have made Auntie very happy this morning.

I'll go through them when I have time to download and choose, and you will become one of the earliest sissies to be wearing your lingerie and lace for us in the Lacy Lingerie Boudoir, isn't that nice?

I've taken a quick pre-peek and I LIKE!

Cuddles, darling.

Aunt Frocks x

It's time for us to view some sissy babies, sweetly dressed for us by their mommies and nurses. Sissy Paula has to be kept in big diapers and deep plastic panties.

How nice of Paula's nurse to send us photos of her in her diapers. What a sissy!

Letter 10 - Mattie again

Dearest Prim,

Firstly, please know that I did obediently make special wettums for you in my diapers upon reading you instruction. But now, as signified by a constant crinkling sound, my little handsies cannot help themselves from pressing, squeezing and squishing the very soggy padding that surrounds my babyish loins (perhaps this is why thick mittens are standard issue for pathetic sissybabies).

Secondly, I have now uploaded said magazine cover. Here is what I posted in the description:

HANGING SISSY BREASTS: What better way to completely expose a closet sissy husband than to give him an enormous set of feminized breasts?! There will be no concealing his plump triple-D titties, and thus he'll have no choice but to accept his complete bimbofication, along with all of the inevitable magazine cover shoots that come with having such ridiculous low-hanging boobies!

Special thanks to Prim* for granting me permission to incorporate his 'Playing With Lesley's New Breasts' illustration, for which there's a rather titillating storyette that corresponds to it in Issue 17 of Prim's Petticoat Pansies.

*Speaking of Prim and PPP, please stop over and support him and Auntie Frocks today at Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse!

I have posted this not only on my Tumblr page, but also on my FetLife (https://fetlife.com/users/5926712) as well as a censored version on SissyKiss, where I also referenced your AbbySweetness profile.

Lastly, thank you for the backstory about your 'Maid of All Work' illustration that you drew for Curtus. I do hope one day he resumes his amazing work, as the shear shame of it always causes an involuntary splutter in my pampies!

Your babified admirer,

Little Mattie Fanny

Little Mattie Fanny on Fetlife (You will have to login)

As we know from past Newsletters, Little Mattie Fanny is an adult baby who deserves to win prizes for her sexless babyhood.

See what I mean. Did you ever see such a pathetic sissy in such childish baby dresses? How nice to be able to giggle at her in her baby photos.

Aw shucks, Little Mattie, how sweet of you to mention us at the Wendyhouse on your Fetlife page.

So look what you made me do: I followed your link and set up my own page, so now Primonline is there in Fetlife: Primonline, that's me and Aunt Frocks together.

Prim and Aunt Frocks on Fetlife

I've already made some cute baby friends and I'm hoping to look around a little bit each day (can't spend too much time in there, looks like it could be easy to be bitten by the bug and stay there all day.

Your account is so sweet and cutesy, Matty darling. Aunt Frocks loves it too.

Big warm hugs from both of us,

Prim and Aunt Frocks xxx

We are blessed in the Wendyhouse with so many girls who are happy to share their beautiful wardrobes with us in my Newsletters or in my Tell Aunt Frocks pages in one issue or another of Prim's Petticoat Pansies. But my own special delight is to see our girls's galleries in the Rose Room. Some of them share a little glimpse into their female lives with a few lines about themselves and what they like. Here are our most recent rose-blossoms who would like you to see them in some of their fabulous fashions.

Aren't they gorgeous? So pretty! So feminine! Are you in the Rose Room yet, my precious? All you have to do is write me and ask me what to send and I'll be thrilled to welcome you inside.

Now we're reaching the end, sweetheart, so I'd better tell you about one or two things to look out for at the Wendyhouse. Remember what I told you about at the top of my letter: The Prim and Prissy Forcedfem Sissy Stories. The first set will be right here and coming soon, before the end of October. They won't be part of the Wendyhouse: you can order them directly, the same as with Walt Wisconsin. Each pack will cost 15 USD and have six completely new Prissy pictures, all enhanced with a Prim story written for each one. I think there is going to be a lot of sissy juicing involved, darling.

The next thrill after that will be #34 of Prim's Petticoat Pansies, the Sissy-Cock-Suck special. That should appear in November and like Walt Wisconsin Part 7, it will not go into the Wendyhouse archive for six months. But if you don't want to wait for that, you will be able to order PPP#34 for 15 USD and download it for yourself.

Shall we enjoy some Prissy art now, with a nice Prim story to go with it? Click here and enjoy:

Dress Code for the New Sissy Maid

That was nice, wasn't it, pet? Now here's another Prim story, about a sissy whose Mommy wants him to love his dainty lingerie:

Loving His Lingerie

My Newsletter has to come to an end now, my darling. Shall we enjoy sharing one last photo, of the beautiful but rather bossy Lady Suzanne. She has kindly sent us a photo of her in a state of some undress, only so that we can admire her delicious lingerie.

I'm glad Lady Suzanne sent me her photo, because that is what I want you to do too, my darling. Then I can include your photos in the new room that will be in the Wendyhouse before Christmas: the Lacy Lingerie Boudoir. I've got a nice collection of photos so far from some of our lingerie girls. If you like, you can include photos of you and a friend(s) kissing and cuddling - just not 'all the way', my pet. I can only choose photos that are very tasteful.

Look out for Prim and Prissy later this month. In the meantime, you can visit Prissy's website here:


Give me a warm, feminine, girly hug, my darling.

Love from

Aunt Frocks xxx