Prim's Petticoat Pansies #14

Darling, I am so glad you decided to join me for this issue of Prim's magazine. Do you feel like wearing a delicate pair of panties for me, sweetheart? And a frilly petticoat? I would love to dress you ready to view my magazine with me, but I dare say you have already chosen to put on something drop-dead gorgeous, so that you feel like my precious little girl. Come and sit in the lap of my dress, Beautiful, and I will hug you and kiss you while we look at all the nice pictures and stories together. Would you like me to help you feel ever so feminine in your little pipi?
  I'd love to hold it for you, darling. Come on, my little cuddles... let's get started together.
Your Auntie Frocks xxx

Prim Stories:
The Sweet-Panty-Wendyhouse  Chapter3
Madame Sterne's Sissification Schoolroom Chapter4
Prim colour Drawings with storyette:
The More You milk Him The Better
Dillon Goes To Seddies Party
His New Sissy Uniform
Feeling So Girly In His Pantyhose

Baby in Pantyhose  Concluding the Prim graphic serial

Classic Prim
Their First Clittie Kisses  An early Prim drawing, revamped and with new Prim storyette.

Ex-males in Sissyville   A NEW Prissy drawing with storyette by Prim

The Curtus Boys
Dolly's Dick Bow with storyette by Prim

The Art of Satyn
Caught In Mom's Lingerie (part 2)  with storyette by Prim

The Art of Vancy
Changed By Auntie Helga with storyette by Prim

BJ's story for this issue (with storyette by Prim) is in Aunt Frock's Baby Room

Penelope Pencil Penis
Shall We Get You Dressed Now, Mister Jones?  with storyette by Prim

Sweetheart Styles
Silk-And-Buttons blouse and bloomers set
Sissy outfits designed by me (Susan Frocks) and Drawn by Prim

Aunt Frock's Baby Room
For 'very young' Sissies
including; He Needs Changing Mother

Dear Aunt Frocks:
Readers letters:
confess to me your deepest feminine needs ...

My Pink Boudoir:
Feminine items for my sissies to wear.
In this issue; Lovely coats for little girls and bigger girls

More effeminate and adorable sissies in the next issue of

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