Prim's Petticoat Pansies #6

Are you very much in love with swishy girl's dresses dear?
Do you experience delicious feminine feelings when dressed in frilly lingerie and short, little-girl frocks?
Then welcome to Prim's world of petticoat pansies - weak-willed young men like yourself under the firm control of high-heeled Mistresses, determined Mommies and formidable aunties.
We will make truely feminine.
- editor: Susan Frocks

Prim Stories:
Summer Sissies at Sweetwell Park
Pleasures at Dressing Manor (the final chapter)

Prim colour Drawings with storyette:
His New Dress
The Blouse-and-Skirt Sleepover (pt 2)
Her Traditional Maid
Continuing The Helpless Adventures of Johnny

Prissy: a new drawing with storyette by Prim
A Petticoat Pansy

The Art of Vancy
A Vancy drawing with storyette by Prim

The Curtus Boys
Two sissy drawings from Curtus with storyettes by Prim:
A Present for the Boys and The Office Boy - er - Girl

Two drawings by the most famous sissy artist of all,
with storyettes by Prim.

Aunt Frock's Baby Room
For 'very young' Sissies
including; Baby Dolly Meets His Girlfriends and now ( sorry for the delay) Please Don't Laugh At Me

Dear Aunt Frocks:
Readers letters:
confess to me your deepest feminine needs ...

My Pink Boudoir:
Feminine items for my sissies to wear.
In this issue; a selection of dreamy Party Dresses.

More effeminate and adorable sissies in the next issue of

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