Prim's Petticoat Pansies #8

Dear friends,
Here we are again with edition #8 of Prim's Petticoat Pansies. I hope you are feeling very sweet as you begin to read, knowing that you are sharing the same feelings of sweetness with many other sissies. I know that my naughty nephew Prim loves to be dressed in some of his favourite female apparel when he reads stories, looks at sissy pictures and feels more and more sissy and sweet. You may be one of the lucky sisters who is in a position to dress appropriately for your enjoyment.
Feel lovely, my darlings, and enjoy your feminine side as much as you possibly can in the company of Prim and your Aunt Frocks.
- editor: Susan Frocks

Prim Stories:
Summer Sissies at Sweetwell Park (chapter 3)
Married Into Petticoats (chapter 2)

Prim colour Drawings with storyette:
In the Waiting Room of Dr Miriam Straight
Phoning His Sissy Sweetheart
Learning His Place
Continuing The Helpless Adventures of Johnny

Prissy: a new drawing with storyette by Prim
Walkies in Their Effeminate Bonnets

The Curtus Boys
Two sissy drawing from Curtus(these ones prettied by BJ)
with storyette by Prim:
Sissy John Goes to School and The Prissy Boy of Lacy McGlen

The Art of Vancy
A new drawing by this famous artist

Two drawings by the most famous sissy artist of all,
with storyettes by Prim.

Penelope Pinprick
Her own illustrated story;
Outside the Girls' Academy

Aunt Frock's Baby Room
For 'very young' Sissies
including; Coming in his Plastic Panties and Baby Chloe in his Satin Baby Dress Bag by Prim

Dear Aunt Frocks:
Readers letters:
confess to me your deepest feminine needs ...

My Pink Boudoir:
Feminine items for my sissies to wear.
In this issue; pretty, ruffled little-girl dresses

More effeminate and adorable sissies in the next issue of

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