Volume 6
Eight Prissy cartoons with eight Prim stories

Issues of the Feminized In Frillies series
are not part of the Wendyhouse membership.

1-I Am De-Sexed at Sissy-Bliss
They catch me fucking the secretary and commit me to a feminization clinic.

2-Turning Their Sons-In-Law Into Sissies
When three males have to be sissified, their Mothers-In-Law combine to do it together.

3-OMG! I Must Be So Girly For Miss Hateman
It's so humiliating when women make you confess how sissy you really want to be.

4-Cock-Suck-Hellos Between Sissy Sons-In-Law
When Angela takes Sweetie to visit Sadie and her son-in-law Satin,
their sissified cocks somehow take over.

Principal Miss Stiff enjoys seeing a guy discover the pleasure of being sissified.

6-Two Sissy Cuckolds Suffer the Pangs of Female Humiliation
Two cuckolds realise they can't love their wives any more.

7-Miss Hateman Takes Over At the Emily Crushman College
All six boys and the male Principal squirm with shame as they are girled for the girls.

8-John Panty Sucks His Way Through All the Sissies
Sissies must learn the pleasure of sucking sissy cocks - and being sucked.

* * *

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