The Dressing Adventures of Johnny #1

A Story of Petticoat Punishment

Chapter 1 - Johnny Discovers Ladies Wear

Chapter 2 - Johnny Is Caught While Playing With Aunt Barbara's Dresses

Chapter 3 - Johnny Is Taken to the Dress Salon

Chapter 4 - Johnny Is Dressed In Lingerie for a Ladieswear Fitting

Chapter 5 - Johnny Is Fitted With Clothes for a Naughty Boy

Chapter 6 - Johnny's Behaviour Deserves a Harsher Punishment

Chapter 7 - Johnny Is Punished In Nylon Bloomers

Chapter 8 - Johnny Is Hung Up Amongst Aunt Myrna's Dresses

Chapter 9 - Johnny Feels Humiliated By His Aunts and Miss Williams

Chapter 10 - Johnny Is Dressed In Blouses and Skirts - and Disgraces Himself

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