Prim's Petticoat Pansies #16

Prim Stories:
The Sweet Panty Wendyhouse
( Chapter 5 - Sucked Into Satin Dresses )
The Friday Fashion Club for Sissy Sons-In-Law
( Chapter 1 - Sissies In Ruffled Dresses )

Prim Art:
New Style Dresses at Saint Eleanor's
Shopping for his Corset Party
His New Breasts
Dolly Dress-Up
Vintage Prim - Updated:
Jessica's Picture Collar Party

Prim's Illustrated Story:
Humiliated by his Aunt
( Chapter 3 - Damien Is Put Into Lingerie )
( Chapter 4 - Damien Has An Accident Surrounded by Women )

Prissy Art:
The Sissy Cream-Bag?

Barbara Jean Art:
Velvet and Damien Are Fitted With Corsets
Curtus Art
Ready for Aunt Britney's Inspection

Penelope Art
Another Product of Miss Popsy's
Satyn Art:
Girdled and Gagged
Vancy Art:
Maids of the Wellington Women's Feminization Society

Sweetheart Styles
Sweet Sissy Costumes Designed by Ms Frocks, Drawn by Prim
Sissy Sizzles - Double Pinafores
Aunt Frock's Baby Room
Prim Art:He Wants to Show You How He Wets Himself
-and baby photos from Sissy Marcia
Dear Aunt Frocks:
Readers letters confessing your deepest feminine needs ... including:
-part 6 of Ms Swish's story: Taffeta Torment
-photos from Sissy Emily
My Pink Boudoir:
Aunt Frocks invites you to browse Girls Lingerie with her.

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