Prim's Petticoat Pansies #2

Prim Stories:
Pleasures at Dressing Manor
( Chapter 3 - Mr Johnson to the rescue )
A Day in the Pretty Boy Boutique
( Part 1 - Jason Learns to Cooperate With Customers)

Prim Art:
A Suitable Headmistress
Their First Day in the Gentlemen's Club
Amusing Mummy's Friends

Prim's Illustrated Story:
The Helpless Adventures of Johnny
( Chapter 21 - Johnny is Taken to the Girls School)
( Chapter 22 - Johnny Begs the Girls to Feminize Him)

Prissy Art:
Frilly Susan
Carl's Story:
The Naughty Sissy Nursery School - Part 2
The Art of Vancy:
At the Emasculation Awards Ceremony
Margaret Harford - Doll Maker
Playing With Rodney
Sister on the phone
Wide Women's Web
A New Little Girlie for Lady Margo
Aunt Frock's Baby Room:
Married Into Babyhood
At the Alpha Ladies Collective  

The CHERUB Babification Hospital
Dear Aunt Frocks:
Readers letters confessing their deeply feminine needs ... including-
-photos of Sissy Ashley and Babette Bloomerboy
-part 5 of Ms Swish's story: Taffeta Torment
My Pink Boudoir:
Aunt Frocks invites you to browse More little-girl frocks with her.

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