Walt Wisconsin
A story in eight parts by Prim

Part 1 - The Silk and Satin Honey-trap

Chapter 1 - Walt meets Delma
Thrown out by his long-suffering mother, Walt finds a new home in London with his classy cousin Delma Pemsforth.

Chapter 2 - She has a room - ready for him
Naturally a beautiful woman has to find closet space for all her dresses and smalls.

Chapter 3 - Walt discovers the thrill of Delma's clothes
He is intrigued by the bewitching quality of her lingerie and dresses, which would lure any man into transvestism.

Chapter 4 - Walt surrenders to his desires
Delma gifts him the chance to take a closer look at her clothes by having to go out and leave him alone for an hour.

Chapter 5 - Delma pounces on her cousin
Bad enough to be found in her clothes, but Walt discovers the punishment goes a lot deeper than her scorn.

Chapter 6 - If he wants to dress - she'll dress him!
Delma piles on the dressing to add to his shame.

Chapter 7 - Doctor Pandora injects Walt
An injection of comatoid sexmosis, increases Walt's desire for Delma's clothes

Chapter 8 - Walt can do nothing to avoid being taken away
The women say enough to tell Walt his destination is most unwelcome.

* * *
Part 2 - At the Fem-Ultima Transgendering Clinic, will be in the Wendyhouse in January.

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