Walt Wisconsin
A story in eight parts by Prim

Part 2 - At the Fem-Ultima Transgendering Clinic

Chapter 9 - I arrive, surrounded waist down in Delma's clothes
Doctor Pandora introduces me to Nurse Grief, who goes to work on me with Delma's blouses.

Chapter 10- Nurse Grief intensifies my sensitivity to blouses
I am persuaded to accept a little treatment in return for blouse wearing, and I am fastened into a blouse intensifier.

Chapter 11- Nurse Bonds links my blouse love with penile thrusts
My longing increases and I accept more treatment. I am fastened onto the treatment table and discover new dressing pleasures through my anus.

Chapter 12 - My penis is reduced and my breasts are enlarged
I am frightened by what is happening to me. I beg to be released, but when I am encased in a blouse I absorb its femininity and ask for more.

Chapter 13 - I become desperate for blouses
I realise with horror that the blouses are making my breasts grow. At the same time, my penis is given feminization treatment.

Chapter 14 - Frau Doktor Strapz has been looking forward to meeting me.
I am brought by my nurses to meet Matron Doktor Strapz. I soon realize I am a sex prisoner.

Chapter 15 - I see another patient get what he wants by begging for more treatment
I feel an indescribable urge to ask her for blouses - but I must resist treament.

Chapter 16 - My unfortunate desire for blouses takes control of me
She shows me how my body now needs blouses. How can I resist?

* * *
Part 3 - My body is horrendously feminized
- will be in the Wendyhouse in March.

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