Walt Wisconsin
A story in eight parts by Prim

Part 4 - Cousin Delma Collects Her Feminized Sissy

Chapter 25 - I Lose My Masculinity
As a result of my operation, my body will have a girl's feelings and react in girlish ways.

Chapter 26 - The Nurses Stimulate My Girly Parts
I am strapped into an intensive creaming chair and brought to orgasm.

Chapter 27 - Delma Arrives With More Clothes To Dress Me In
Frau Doktor Cuntz reveals to Delma how feminine my feelings have become.

Chapter 28 - She Puts Me Into a Feminized Sissy Blouse
Her panty blouse fastens up between my legs and I lose control of my orgasm.

Chapter 29 - I Am Deeply Petticoated Ready For Her Skirt
The Doktor stimulates my nipples and my clitoris swells with feminine feelings.

Chapter 30 - The Doktors Show Delma That I Am Now Feminized
Dressed in Delma's clothes, I want to suck my stiffened clittie and be a girl.

* * *
Next time: the Sissification of Michael Shoemaker.
Delma finds her next victim

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