Walt Wisconsin
A story in eight parts by Prim

Walt Wisconsin and male chauvinist pig Michael Shoemaker
Part 1 - I Fall Into the Hands of Bitches

Chapter 31- Delma Pensforth Calls Me Up, Naturally
I know the smell of a good lay.

Chapter 32- I Won't Say No to Shopping for High Heels
Delma and high heels are hot, hot, hot.

Chapter 33 - I Am Seized by Crazy Bitches
Ouch! Don't these vixens know who I am?

Chapter 34 - They Start Feminizing My Legs
They pick on my weakness for heels and hose

Chapter 35 - I Am Stuffed with Heels and Boots
Anything to humiliate me.

Chapter 36 - The Bitches Kidnap Me In Delma's Panties
I'm dragged off to some sex clinic.

Chapter 37 - I Meet Matron Strapz - a Mad Woman
If this is what lies ahead, God help me!

Chapter 38 - They Threaten to Feminize and Babify Me
I am helpless to resist their humiliations.

* * *
Next time: I learn what awaits me in the laboratories of Fem-Ultima.

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