Walt Wisconsin
A story in eight parts by Prim

Walt Wisconsin and male chauvinist pig Michael Shoemaker
Part 6 - Helpless In the Fem-Ultima Clinic

Chapter 39 - In the Girls' Legs Suspending Room
Holy shit! Are they Sissies or Girls?

Chapter 40 - Petticoat Deprivation
This sissy is lingerie starved - I've gotta get outta here!

Chapter 41 - She Fills Me With Sissy Cum
She holds my head and face fucks me.

Chapter 42 - They've Weakened Me! I Can't Escape!
I feel more like a girl by the minute.

Chapter 43 - Frau Doktor Strapz Decides On Full Girlification
My hair goes white, the things they're gonna do to me.

Chapter 44 - I Am Closed Up in the Body-Brain Girling Unit
I swoon with yummy sweetness in dreams of girly pleasure.

Chapter 45 - My God ! I Feel Like a Girl!
They dress me as a girl, so pretty and dainty.

Chapter 46 - They Bring Me to the Face-Femming Stable
My bliss is short-lived: looks like I'm gonna suffer.

* * *
Walt Wisconsin Part 7, coming in May : No Mercy In the Fem Ultima Clinic

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