Thursday 20th September
  Walt Wisconsin
A story in eight parts by Prim

Walt Wisconsin and male chauvinist pig Michael Shoemaker
Part 7 - They Transgender Me

Chapter 47 - I will receive urination from Frau Doktor Strapz
I'm forced into rubber, helpless to defend myself.

Chapter 48 - They fasten my face into the Doktor's cunt
My cock is in heaven as they lace me into pink glace leather boots.

Chapter 49 - Frau Doktor Strapz Urinates Her Sex Into Me
She whips my cock until it bursts with pleasure.

Chapter 50 - Filled With Rich Urine, I Am Gagged and Plugged
They hand me over to Nurse Femcock for cock feminization.

Chapter 51 - Nurse Femcock Puts Me Into a High Speed Demasculinizer
My cock will be the most female part of my body.

Chapter 52 - My Whole Body Is Fastened Into Feminine Heels
She injects me with shame-inducing female sex.

Chapter 53 - I am Woken After Eighteen Hours of Shameful Dreams
God, my breasts! I suffer agonies in front of my nurses.

Chapter 54 - I Am a Girl, With a Pretty Femcock
It's happened! She's made me a girl!

* * *
Coming in December:
Walt Wisconsin Part 8,
I Lust for Sissy Sex.

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