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Thursday 29th August

  Walt Wisconsin
A story in eight parts by Prim

Walt Wisconsin and male chauvinist pig Michael Shoemaker
Part 8 - I Lust for Sissy Sex

Chapter 55 - I discover how girly my new clitoris is.

Nurse Drool shrinks my cock so that it fits into a tight mini-sheath.

Chapter 56 - I beg for my silk knickers.
I grow more desperate to meet Daisy, this other sissy.

Chapter 57 - They dress me in pink silk, sissy-girl bloomers.
Frau Doktor Strapz tells me straight I am a girl.

Chapter 58 - Frau Strapz will turn me into a baby for Daisy.
My head fills with baby thoughts, ready to meet my sweetheart.

Chapter 59 - I ache with shame as Delma finds me in my baby buggy.

How will she trust me not to wear her things when sees me wearing her blouse and panties?

Chapter 60 - I Meet Miss Melanie Dolly-Drawers.
She's so girly I want her to suck my clit.

Chapter 61 - Melanie Dolly-Drawers sucks the girl juice out of my clitoris.
I squirt and squirt with gusset-wrenching pleasure.

Chapter 62 - They succeed in turning us into sissy baby girls.
Delma panties us together for our journey home into babyhood.

* * *
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