At the Cry-Baby Day-Care Nursery

At the Cry-Baby Day-Care Nursery
a story by Prim

  . "Oh no, Nell darling... don't take me in there again... Please take me home."
"Come along, Arnold. You know Mummy is due at work at 9 o'clock and it's already 8.15. You will spend the day with the nice nurses at the day-care nursery until Mummy finishes work and comes to collect you. Stop that snivelling and for goodness sake, stop feeling the front of your rompers."

  Nell Ratchet pulled her husband by his reins to oblige him to step carefully in his peep-toed white high heels and mount the steps of the Cry-Baby Nursery. The double doors were well known in the city centre: one of them pink with blue flowers and the other blue with pink flowers, to symbolize how all the babies are treated and dressed the same, boys and girls. She allowed him to steady himself when he reached the top, then towed her whingeing husband into the foyer.

  The sound of crying met them, coming from deeper inside the Day Centre. Evidently a deeply felt, long crying fit of a baby who was very unhappy, while over it from elsewhere could be heard other crying in a higher, more broken stream of emotional upset. The foyer, however, was empty except for one of the nurses in her pink dress and white apron who came across to greet Nell.

  "Hello dear. I'm Nurse Dressingham and I'm newly appointed at Cry Baby. Can I ask you for your name please?"
"Nell Ratchet, nurse. To leave my baby husband until 5.30."
"Ah yes, here we are." The nurse ticked off her name on her clip board. "So this will be little Arnold?"
"Arnold Wimpington, yes. He's here to be teased with his fetish desires."
"How lovely. He's a bit grumpy already, and we haven't done anything to him yet." The nurse had a full face with sensuous lips that smiled widely, and fully made up eyes. The white of her cap and her collar emphasized her femininity. She keyed a message into her pager and let her clipboard hang from her belt so that she could turn her attention to the new day internee.

  "So Baby Arnold has fetish desires?" she said, spreading the thumb and fingers of one hand on either side of his face and almost lifting him with her fingertips under each ear. When his hands tried to grab hers for relief, she slipped a silk cuff round one wrist with her free hand and clipped it shut.

  "He certainly has," said his wife, helping by holding his other wrist ready for her. "That's why the disgusting creep is here, isn't it, Wimpy? Because sissy Wimpy would gladly spend his whole life being punished in a rubber bag... isn't that right? What was it Mummy found in your study? A magazine called 'Rubber Dominatrix Whips Latex Submissive' wasn't it?. So now the creep can pay for his sexual deviations by being a submissive baby plaything for Ladies."

  The nurse laughed and completed fastening the husband's hands up on either side of his neck. He was dressed in one of his wife's short sleeved blouses in white bubbled polyester with a rounded collar across his shoulders, with one of her bras underneath that gave him a bust. His arms were perfectly free from hair, and while they were still muscular, they had a weak and wimpy look about them.
He tried to hide his bosom and the lace at the front of his blouse by pressing his elbows and forearms together. His thick, absorbent diaper was contained in a tightly stretched pair of girls' shorts in corrugated pink silk, worn over a pair of white pantyhose which made his legs look long and defenceless.

  He found it safest to stand still on the spot, so that no demands of balance were made on his shapely ankles above his five inch heels. His two nurses arrived in response to the pager and greeted Nell with smiles as they shook her hand.
"Oh look, Wimpy," said his wife, "Nurse Maxwell and Nurse Sweetbotham will look after you until I come to collect you. They are just the job for teaching rubber fetishists a lesson."
"Nell, I beg you... don't leave me with them. I'll never last the day. Please take me away... pleeeeeease."

  "Well hello, Arnold my little weakling," said Nurse Maxwell whose high heels made her black bobbed hair an inch or two taller than him. She put one arm round his waist and snuggled her ample bibbed bust into his, while she smoothed the palm and fingers of her other hand down his cheek. "My, what a lovely bust you have today. Nurse Sweetbotham and I will be able to put you into a lovely rubber romper over mummy's bra, so that you feel very feminine in your baby rubbers."

  Her colleague stood equally close on the other side and was impressed with his silky, girly shorts. "Baby Wimpy's legs are just as girlish as could be, aren't they, sweetheart. And what pretty, feminine shorts for Babykins, with... ohhhh... a naughty baby swelling here in the front. Is Wimpy wearing his control sheath, Mummy?"
"I keep him in it night and day, Nurse. You would't believe the amount he ejaculates otherwise! You will keep him restrained, won't you?"
"Of course we will, won't we, Wimpy?" said Nurse Maxwell, smiling into his crumpling face."
"Oh no... please... don't make me stiff. I'm begging you. Take me out of my Baby Tube. Just once."

  Nurse Sweetbotham was shaking her head. "Not even just once, you disgusting pervert. You're going to suffer again today. All day. We'll make sure of it."
His wife heaved a sigh of satisfaction, eager to be on her way. "I'll collect him at 5.30... on his knees I hope."
"That's fine, leave him with us."
"We'll take the sissy with us, Nurse Dressingham. Come on, Baby Pervert, and we'll change into our rubber uniforms."

  His high heels made it impossible for Arnold Wimpington to plant his feet in any way, and he was led easily across the foyer between his nurses and into the day centre where they followed a familiar route before coming to a door he knew only too well, with its notice: The Rubber Baby Room. His lips quivered as Nurse Sweetbotham swiped her card and pushed her way in. "Come along, Wimpy... we want you in here, don't we?"

  His body cringed with apprehension as he was walked into the well lit white room with its acrid smell of rubber and the high, rubber covered changing table in the middle of the floor. The nurse picked up a folded sheet of cream rubber, opened it out and threw it over the table so that it hung on all sides. She turned to the whimpering sissy and helped her colleague lift him to above waist height as he started to cry. He was placed face down on the table, with his chin off the end, and a rubber strap twelve inches wide went across his back and fastened with poppers to hold him down.

  "Please, no... don't make me watch you dressing... oh no... pleeeease!" wailed their captive as the front end of the table hinged upwards so that he looked straight ahead. Both his nurses stepped into the space between closets in front of him and started to undo their aprons and dresses.

  "This is what a pervert like you wants to see, isn't it?" said Nurse Maxwell, smiling with contempt at his weeping face. She lowered her pink dress and stepped out of it, wearing nothing but her bra, panties and pantyhose. Nurse Sweetbotham did the same, her widely rounded posterior gleaming in navy blue hose. They opened one of the closets and took out a pair of long rubber gloves each, which they fed, inside out, onto their hands and rolled higher until the rubber rim was almost in their arm pits. From the drawers inside the closet they produced handfuls of flesh coloured rubber garments.

  "Sissy baby perverts like to be put into rubber panties, and rubber rompers too... and even a latex rubber diaper like this one." She held up a clutch of shiny pink latex and let it slither out and hang with a plop from her hand: it was a diaper all right, with press fasteners to fasten it round a naked adult baby's sissy bits. They placed their baby outfit on one of the chairs, draped over the seat to stop them sliding to the floor.

  From the other closet they withdrew their uniforms with slurries of heavy, silver grey rubber. Arnold Wimpington wailed with anguish as his penis stiffened into his shorts, pressing onto the rubber sheet.
"Oh no... please don't put them on. Please don't, nurse. I want to be a good sissy husband..."
Each nurse looked straight at him, lips curled with scorn as if deliberately teasing him, and slid their arms into the deep rubber sleeves, lifted the dress comfortably onto their shoulders, and gathered the large white collars in doubled rubber up round their necks. The dresses fastened with large, white press fasteners, with two on their throats and another ten down the fronts of their dresses to below the knee. The dresses were tailored into the waist, but flared in an A line below. The wrists had two press fasteners each, with double rubber white cuffs that wanted to slide down onto their hands. The rubber belts were separate, in doubled white rubber and six inches deep, wrapping over themselves to fasten with more press fasteners.

  Sizzles of shiny rubber accompanied their aprons, which they unhooked from the closet and opened out into two expanses of white rubber. They were even more shiny than their dresses, and were untailored, so that once they were threaded over the nurses' pointed caps, they hung round their necks and from their busts to below their knees as a single sheet, which fastened with two press fasteners at the back of their waists. Every movement became a ripple or a slither as they shook out their rubber skirts so that apron and dress meshed perfectly in shiny latex.
Their captive was fully erected now by his fetish need for rubber. blubbering as his nurses approached him in their shiny white bosoms and pointed, white collars, sizzling round him and undoing his table strap.

  "Let's undress the wimp, nurse, so that we can hold him in our rubber uniforms," said one.
"Ye-e-es," said the other, undoing his shorts at the hips and sliding them down his legs, while his panties followed straight after and his blouse was unfastened. "And look what we've found here... it's Baby's naughty-boy protector, to stop him juicing, isn't it, Wimpy... to stop you being a filthy wanker." Both nurses explored the sheath that crimped his penis and held its helmet in tight latex to prevent any chance of ejaculation.

  "That's what we like to see, isn't it, nurse... Wimpy fastened up nicely so that he suffers complete restriction. We'll fasten his wimpy bits into even more rubber latex: that will make him feel more babyish, which is just what he deserves."

  He was soon lying naked between them, his unfastened hands trying to protect his privates, or maybe trying to stimulate a full surge of pleasure, as if to somehow blow a way out for the aching pleasure of frustration in his genitals. His nurses gathered his rubber diaper and fed the pink rubber under his bare bottom. They disconnected his hands from his precious genitals and put his arms behind their waists so that he couldn't get them back in again. Then he was wrapped in his diaper. It folded up between his legs, each rubber wing folded firmly across, and was fastened with four fasteners up each side of his belly.

  "What babies need is a pair of plastic panties, isn't it, Wimpy?" cooed Nurse Sweetbotham with a grin, and his arms were kept out of the way as clear plastic pants with nursery toys printed all over them were pulled up his legs until all the elastics fitted tightly. "And to finish off, Baby Wimpington must have baby girl rubber panties," said Nurse Maxwell. They were in pale pink scented rubber with plenty of fullness, then a crimped cuff and a rubber frill at each leg.

  His hands were exploring the backs of the nurses' rubber dresses and the sissy was crying as if he was suffering a painful disaster. "Oh shut him up, Nurse," said Nurse Maxwell. "Put his pacifier in and we'll fasten it in place for him with a rubber bonnet."

  This led to even louder distress, especially since Nurse Maxwell turned him face down and was putting him into his pink latex romper suit as her colleague found the sissy's mouth with his pacifier. She forced it in, producing instant quiet - or near quiet - and slid a winged hood of white latex onto the back of his head so that it hung on either side of his mouth. She wrapped one wing over his lower face to thread the ring of the pacifier through its slot, followed by the other across it, and fastened four poppers down the side of his cheek. He was rubber bonneted as his romper was pulled together down his back, with Velcro fastening at intervals from neck to panties, and pop fasteners between his legs. His romper was printed all over with SISSY in large red script, while on his prominent bust was the side view of a blue baby bonnet with a very large brim.

  Arnold Wimpington's crying may have been reduced, but his nurses checked his face and were pleased to find it wrinkled in tears of regret and penitence. "Let's get baby into our laps, to play with his rubber romper and panties," said Nurse Maxwell, helping to lift him and carry him across to the rubber sheeted couch, where the two nurses lowered their wide bottoms onto the settee so that their baby sank into rubber aprons. "And we can play Teaty-in, Teaty-out with his nice rubber bonnet," declared Nurse Sweetbotham, smiling down at him. "Then we can hear our baby crying and crying for us, can't we, Wimpykins?"

  Their baby's face looked pathetically up at them, bathed in tears, as he tried kicking his legs. He simply managed to slide them backwards and forwards across rubber aprons and dresses as two bibbed rubber busts smothered his face and rubber gloved fingers fussed with his rubber baby bonnet.



  In the entrance foyer, Nurse Dressingham was signing in more sissies. There was a lot more crying as the morning deliveries of sissies increased, but neither nurses nor visitors opted to use any of the earmuffs which hung on the counter at reception.

  "You have viewing room 3 booked until 11am, Nurse Chalmers," she said. "Can you and Nurse Willow take Baby Cockless along there, and Ms Shaw and her mother can watch you make him cry. I must ask you though, Ms Shaw, would you be prepared for other visitors to watch your husband crying as well?"

  The sissy baby was anything but happy, and whinged and struggled between his nurses. His hands were satin-mittened and his knees were fastened into cuffs that were connected by just two chain links. He would have thrown himself to the floor if he could have and was only quiet because his mouth was pacified, then gagged as well in white silk.

  "Yes please," said his wife. "Invite every mistress in the centre to drop in and laugh at him."
"We'll keep the door open," said Nurse Chalmers. "There are bound to be ladies coming along to the viewing wing and I expect some of them will enjoy seeing this drip being made a fool of. But first Matron Heffington is expecting him in her treatment room." Turning to the hapless husband she added," she's going to give you your weakening dose, isn't she, little fellow?"

  Sissy Clive Cockless was in a little yellow dress that failed to reach his waist with its petticoats, so that his pink plastic pants were fully on show. He had a very slim waist and long, thin legs dressed in white thigh highs with lacy tops. His high heeled Mary Janes were in primrose patent with a large button fastening on each. He was blubbering loudly as his wife and mother-in-law followed him between his nurses towards the scene of his humiliation for the day.

  At the back of the foyer, two nurses were dealing with a sissy who had arrived earlier. Nurse Dressingham joined them to see if they needed help in dealing with Vernon Dollsley. They had him sitting in an ample pair of white silk bloomers, pulled up to his chest by the support ropes of a baby bouncer from the ceiling.

  "It's all right," said Nurse Smoothing, securing his mittens to each side of his bloomers, where they were slotted into external pockets and buttoned in place at his wrists. He pulled and pulled his arms, but was unable to get them out. As his baby bootees rose from the floor, all he could do was kick his legs in frustration. Nurse Dressingham looked up at his bonneted face.
"Oh my," she said. "Baby Dollsley is such a feminine cutie, with blusher, lipstick and eye make-up."

  Nurse Sweetly chuckled as she attended to his legs. "Yes, no wonder you think he's had blusher applied, but he hasn't. I think our baby's blushing deep red because you're watching him, nurse."
The big baby was grisling constantly into his pacifier, so that half his crying was heard and the other half was pacified. Both his nurses crouched below his feet, where the ribbon straps they had fastened to his ankles were now attached to moveable pink lead weights on the floor. They shifted them wider, so that his legs were spread and the buttons of his bloomer gusset were on display.

  "Would you like to be our guest, Nurse Dressingham, and undo Baby's buttons for him. He wants any ladies and sissies to see how pleasured his sissy cock is when people are laughing at him." His nurses looked up to see the reaction of the sexless sissy.
He sagged in his bloomers with a slump of the shoulders in his puff sleeved dress and ruffled petticoat frills. He was helpless to prevent his panties from being opened by another nurse and he sucking hard on his pacifier as she unfastened the gusset of his bloomers.

  "And now his padded silk baby panties," said Nurse Smoothing, spreading the unfastened bloomers to reveal the peach coloured panties inside with a row of pearly panty buttons running from side to side.
"I love opening sissy baby pants," said Nurse Dressingham with a smile, "and feeling inside for the sissy's stiffened little penis... then bringing it out into the open to play with." A moment later, out it came into the open of the foyer, where some new arrivals had come in and made straight for the baby dangler to watch.

  "Just look how stiff he is," said Nurse Dressingham with a grin, and she allowed her hand to slide up and down his shaft a few times before she cupped his testes and fondled them as he grew more and more erect. In no time, his penis was rigidly upright against the white silk of his bouncer bloomer, to be greeted with laughter and "Aaaaaahhhs" of mock concern. His nurses invited the two women who had just arrived to feel his penis for him as he hung defencelessly between them. They fondled him with their kid gloves, as Vernon Dollsley bounced impotently between them and cried and choked on his pacifier.



  In Viewing Room 3, Clive Cockless was being fastened onto his cushion mat with his legs and arms spread wide. His wife and her mother were laughing as they scrambled on the mat in their skirts, tying the ribbons from his legs onto the D-rings that peeped up at the edges of the mat. He was still unhappy, grumbling a stream of misery through his pacifier, but a lot weaker after the dose of muscle sweetener Matron had given him. She had also put a lovely sissygirl dress collar round his neck, so that a deep circle of white satin spread round his neck as he lolled back into the cushions. It had pink blouse buttons at intervals round its edge, while pink embroidery spelt the words Sissy Girl round the front of the collar. Nurse Willow pulled the back of his collar from under his dress, so that it spread in a full circle round his face and hair, divided at the back.

  His panties and diaper had been removed, and Nurse Chalmers was spreading a rubber sheet across the front of his quilt. She lifted each leg and fed it underneath, and between them, both nurses spread the rubber upwards so that it went under his bare bottom and on up to beneath his dress. It was fixed down at the corners to keep it smooth and shiny for the sissy to wriggle over.
"So Baby Cockless is going to be panty teased is he, Ms Shaw?" she asked.
"Yes please. Mother has had him playing with her panties every day while I'm out at work. It's my day off today, and I thought I'd come along and see how the experts do it."
"It's always a good idea to use well-worn panties for a sissy's panty games," said the nurse.
" I've got a bag full of mine here," said Mrs Shaw, the sissy's mother-in-law. "I have two lots of panties at home: used and clean. I change them at the end of the month, so I always have a couple of dozen panties to put him into."

  "It's an excellent idea putting him into your panties while you are at the same times teasing him with more pairs." Mrs Shaw helped by passing two pairs of panties to the nurse to use as examples. "But with having a viewing room today, I should think you would rather his stiff little cock was visible for us all to see. Mmm, these are excellent panties for sissy baiting: I love the lace and frills on these, and these Vanity Fayres are so smooth and irresistible to panty fetishists. Shall we start?"

  Mother and daughter sat on the front row of seats and were joined almost immediately by other women who knocked on the open door and asked if they could watch. They loved the way Clive Cockless was spread-eagled in a little yellow satin dress with an wide white dress collar. "And his legs," cried one excitedly: "they look so long and defenceless in their stockings and girly shoes. Are you going to roll the panties along his stockings, to make him suffer girlish feelings in his legs?"
"I'm sure the nurses will be doing that," said Mrs Shaw, glowing with pride at having her panties as the centre of attention with her son-in-law being mocked and teased.

  "Sissy Baby Cockless is going to love his mummy's panties, isn't he?" cooed Nurse Willow close to his face as she presented the pale pink panties with lace and frills to the inside of his thigh, two inches short of his testes. She smoothed them up and down his stocking tops, occasionally frolling softly onto his scrotum, so that his penis was rampant with desire. His legs tried slithering on the rubber sheet, but he had only a few inches of play.

  "Baby's little girly cock want to kiss mummy's panties, doesn't it," said Nurse Chalmers, smiling broadly at him as the ivory Vanity Fayre panties soothed the helmet of his penis and softly clustered round it, sliding this way and that in her hand. "Nurse, shall we show Baby Cockless's penis more openly to the ladies?"
"I'm sure he wants all the ladies to see how excited his baby penis is... yes," and she took a control pad from the pocket of her apron and made an adjustment to his restraints. The sissy's body rose in the air, so that he moved a little further forward, but his penis was presented as if up in the air, sticking vertically up in front of him.

  His wife and mother-in-law giggled with delight with the gurgles and warbles he cried into his pacifier. They sorted more panties from the bag and passed half a dozen pairs to the nurses, who marvelled at how dainty they were. They spread a couple of pairs across each of his thighs, and spread the original panties out at the tops of his legs, so that they could smooth them around his flesh, occasionally gathering a handful of panty onto his penis and sliding it up and down until his legs wriggled and his head lolled distractedly from side to side. The sissy got more agitated, and without warning his jism squirted up in the air, bringing a tumult of feminine laughter, for as his wife and her mother realised, more ladies had pressed in through the door and had tipped the foolish baby into more humiliation than he could handle. After several splatters of Jism landed on his stockings his panty-tease cock remained hard.

  One of the newcomers was Matron Heffington herself, who was showing members of the Women's Circle of Dominant Wives round the Cry-Baby Day Centre. She joined her nurses for a few minutes of sissy-baiting.

  "I'd be glad to slide some of your mother-in-law's panties over your helpless cock, you little drip," she smiled down at him as she knelt alongside his face. "Nurse, bring his bottom down and sit him up with your controls. We want to hear the fool crying." When the baby had been re-positioned, she undid the ribbons that held his pacifier in his mouth so that he cried out loud from his state of anguish.
"Barbara... please take me home now... oh pleeeease. I can't take any more humiliation and shame. I... I'm suffering hideously, Barbara... please!" All this was said in a wailing drawl that would have dragged at any heart capable of sympathy.

  He was met with a wall of laughter and giggling as every face focussed on the misery in his eyes and the way his mouth was crying so much he could hardly move his jaws.
"Panties, Nurse," cried Matron as she cradled him in one arm and took a pair of lavender silk, full-cut panties in the other. "Thank you. Now ladies, we'll see how to shut up an inveterate cry-baby, using one of the most effective instruments available: two or three pairs of his mother-in-law's panties. Ladies, panty tease the baby and make him cry."

  As both nurses used the panties in their hands to fondle his helpless erection, the sissy let out squeals of misery as if being tormented with red hot irons. Matron, in the meantime, spread her lavender panties over his face, smoothing them round so that she occasionally closed his mouth to stem the noise, while at other times she smothered his mouth and nose together, or simply spread the silk panty over his face with her hand over it.

  The laughter was louder than the crying, and certainly more continuous, as his Mary Jane shoes tried to pull free, and his hands too. Eventually all sounds of crying stopped, smothered in panty silk, as the inevitable result of so much panty sliding happened again, and squirts of cream shot off the edge of his rubber quilt this time onto the high heels of the ladies watching.
Matron Heffington held sissy Cockless down with panties over his face for the last few spurts and then her nurses wiped up his mess. She took the opportunity of saying a few words to the group of ladies, which had grown to more than a dozen.

  "A very amusing sight is it not ladies. Peels of laughter from you good ladies ring through the corridors of the Cry Baby Day Centre and mix with tears of shame and agony from these worthles sissy husbands, as they do every day. That's the beauty of what we do here in the centre, ladies: we women enjoy bringing home to our sissies just how babyish they are and how they have been brought to the centre to provide amusement for their female superiors. Now if you come with me, ladies, I'll direct you to different viewing rooms and clinics, where you can see more of the good work we are doing with these helpless sissy babies."