The Curtus Boys
with storyette by Prim

Invited to His Stepdaughter's Prom Night

It was a mistake to marry a lovely wife twice his age who had a teenage daughter.

"Seddie, please be reasonable." Terry's lower lip trembled as he stood on the deep piled carpet in front of the mirror, being towelled from head to toe by Nanny Forshaw. "You don't have to give in to everything Lotte wants."

His wife arranged the chiffon of her negligee across her stockings and leaned back on her stool, an elbow on her dressing table. "Who's giving in, darling?" She exhaled a wreath of smoke and casually held the foot-long cigarette holder so that the ash she tapped fell into her gilt ashtray. "I want Lotte to have everything she wants. And she wants you to attend her school prom looking pretty."

"As pretty as a picture," announced Terry's 18-year-old stepdaughter from the depths of her satin pillows. She threw her empty box of chocolates down the bed and scratched the sellophane off the next box.

"Up!" ordered Nanny Forshaw.

The mortified husband and stepfather held up his arm for a spray of eau de cologne, then a spray under the other, followed by a long spray over his smooth, hair-free genitals. His nerves were beginning to crack.

"Well at least let me wear long pants," he pleaded. "A white blouse with my long Aubergine velvet pants. You like me in them, Lotte, I'm sure."

His stepdaughter dragged herself off the bed with a pained look and sighed deeply as she stood in front of him with a hand on her hip. "White blouse, yes," she said in a sing song voice, "but I've bought some special pants for your prom costume, Daddy dear."

Her stepfather's heart sank as he put his arms through the little ribbons of his chemise for Nanny Forshaw to button it down his chest. The lace edging fell short of his hips, so that his stomach and the whole of his bottom was bare. When Lotte was in a mocking mood, her promises were always followed by action. She opened the mirrored door of the wardrobe, fussed about inside, and emerged carrying her choices to the bed.

A white silk blouse with a little Peter Pan collar and glass buttons, while his trousers were to be his dark green cotton pants with glass buttons down the fly. His heart sank. It could have been worse, but... in front of so many people!

"Sit!" declared Nanny Forshaw. He found his feet being encased in white nylon stockings decorated at each ankle with four turn-downs of lacy frills. At least they would be hidden under his trousers. Over them went a pair of black patent Mary Janes that fastened with a ribbon and had deep leather soles for click-clack walking. Everyone would hear every step he made on the floor of the dance hall. He had to stand in front of his wife and her daughter for approval.

"Lift!" shouted Nanny Forshaw from the floor, and he lifted his bare foot into the leg of his silky panties. "Again!" she bellowed. Small as she was, when his nanny opened her mouth, she was a drill sergeant.

"Ohhhh!" gasped Thomas as the cold softness of his panty slid up his legs into view. They were in pink lilac satin, with a wide tie of soft pink satin done into a bow at one hip. Lotte caught the loose ribbons at his other hip and fastened them in the same way. There were frills of similar pink satin round each leg: a ridiculously effeminate confection. But they would be hidden, thank God.

"I'm not having my stepfather disappointing my pals when Nanny has to drop your pants for a spanking," Lotte chuckled.

Oh horrors! She wouldn't do such a thing in public, surely! But he could see it happening, in a small crowd of girls in one corner of the dance hall, and he stiffened in his peeny at the thought of being seen in such lace trimmed silky panties. Then... Oh grief! There was a tickle on his penis as it pushed through a cluster of lace... and there it was as he looked down. His panty had an availability slot in the front, and even as he watched, his penis pushed its arousal further and further into view.

"My oh my, stepfather dearest!" marvelled Lotte as her mother blew her cigarette smoke through her giggles, "you have such a pretty penis, I declare we'd better have it on show... I believe I shall have to dress it more modestly. Mother, do you think my choice of costume is dainty enough for such a pretty-penis pansy?"

Seddie said nothing but rose to her feet in swirls of white chiffon, took the three casual steps needed to reach the cheval mirror, and turned a look of hopefulness towards her husband and his stepdaughter.

"Maybe..." she said, reaching behind the mirror, "maybe this will do, Lotte darling."

A wail of despair burst from the male's lips. He looked at the blouse and sissy shorts on their hanger, and knew he would be wearing them to the ball. They had been bought for the purpose. It was pointless him begging as the blouse slid up his arms. His tears burst out in a blubber as the satin lining of his shorts slithered into position over his panties. And another wail, deeper than the first, escaped his crushed spirit as his stepdaughter fed his penis through a lace-trimmed slot in the front, where it was fastened on show by ribbons closing the slot behind the base of his genitals.

"Now who's a pretty boy then?" she laughed alongside her mother. "Isn't he going to be adored by absolutely everyone? And Nanny... make sure you bring his bat... cos if he cries like that in front of the girls, he's gonna get a mighty hiding when you take down his pants and his panties."