--- PAGE FIVE ---
Prim's baby pics
from the Penelope Room

Click on your bonnet,
Poppet, to
read your story and
see your baby-pic

The Suck-Baby Cushion
Babying Mister Johnson
Quentin's New Pink Dress
Play With His Dickie
Bye-Bye-Baby Diaper Bondage
Let's Wrap Him In Our Tits
It's Girls' Dresses From Now On, Alan
School Knickers Treatment for Piss-Baby Jenny
Get Him Into His Panty-Bonnet
Baby Bunty Needs Wanky-Panky
I've Turned Your Son Into My Baby Girl
Laughing At The Babies
He Wants You to See Him Wetting Himself
Baby Jenny's Trip to the Mall
Learning to be Diaper Dependent
The Baby-Girl Chair
The New Office Sweetie
Shopping for Gordon's Plastic Pants
Baby Dilly's Feeding Time
Panty-Filling in the Babyfication Hospital
Teasing the Cuck Baby
Babying Mister Johnson
Rodney Must Show His Privates to the Ladies

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