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Stories from the Jessica Room

All stories are written by Prim unless stated otherwise.

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From PPP#11
Baby In Pantyhose
           Chapters 1 - Michael Is Caught With Pantyhose
           Chapter 2 - Michael Is Put Into Baby Girl Pantyhose
Mister Shaw, the Senior Girls' Baby
Babyfied by Nurse Starch
Gemma's New Baby Husband

From PPP#12
Baby In Pantyhose
          Chapter 3 - Michael Wants to be a Baby
          Chapter 4 - Michael Is Smothered In Pantyhose
Selected for Babyfication
Baby Cuddles With Granny-In-Law

From PPP#13
His Afternoon Spankies
Doing His Widdles for the Girls
Baby In Pantyhose
           Chapter 5 - Michael is Mothered by the Girls
           Chapter 6 - Nadia Gives Michael the Babying Pacifier
You Must Wear a Bonnet, Rupert
Baby's Dicky Playtime
A rich - and slightly spoilt - sissy baby (by Sissy Charlotte)

From PPP#14
Baby In Pantyhose
           Chapter 7 - Michael is put into little dresses
           Chapter 8 - Michael Gets a Sissy Fright
He Needs Changing, Mother
Mummy Loves Her Pretty Baby

From PPP#15
Sissy-Share Bloomers At The Saturday Sissy Club
Baby Nancy Will Be In Bonnets and Dresses Now
Sweethart Styles - Buttons and Frills: sissy baby romper

From PPP#16
Dolly Dress-Up
He Wants To Show You How He Wets Himself

From PPP#17
Pressed into Dress Service in Miss Popsy's
Sweetheart Styles - Panty Blush Bonnets
Visiting the Clinic Nursery
Husband Babyfication at the CHERUB Sissification Hospital

From PPP#18
The Silky Nursery Center
           Chapter 1 - Tim and Richie Show An Interest in Baby Dresses
           Chapter 2 - Tim and Richie Versus Girl Power
Suckie Sweetlips Is Presented to the Ladies Collective
Roger's Face Is Bloused and Buttoned

From PPP#19
The Silky Nursery Center
           Chapter 3 - Tim and Richie are petticoated, ready for diapers
           Chapter 4 - Tim and Richie are helpless in their sissy waddle diapers
His Incontinent Diaper Training

From PPP#20
The Silky Nursery Center
           Chapter 5 - Tim Tries to Resist His Feminisation
           Chapter 6 - Tim and Richie Are Babified By Ruffle Bonnets
Mumsy's Baby Rosie In Lace

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