The Art of Penelope Pinprick
with storyette by Prim

  Hammond Rogers was extremely privileged as one of the few men whom Miss Popsy allowed to visit her sissy boutique and take advantage of the sissies visiting the salon with her lady clients. In fact he visited Miss Popsy's as often as he could, because it was a source of extreme, perverted pleasure for him to see dressed and feminised sissies being fitted with extremely girlish outfits. He liked to watch the waddling of a pair of sissy buttocks as they spilled out of lace-edged satin panties. Another weakness of Hammond Rogers was speaking to an ex-male who had had his gender changed through sexual conditioning by one of Miss Popsy's doctors, or simply by being dressed day after day in feminine softness until the sweetness of the clothing unsexed him.

Miss Popsy was glad of any male visits to her store, but she was always suspicious of male sexual habits. "Good afternoon, Mr Rogers, how delightful to see you. Have you come to enjoy seeing these helpless, disgusting ex-males being used and humiliated by their mistresses?" she would say. "Let me add to your pleasures while you are here in my boutique," she says, smiling close to his cheek as her fingers deftly undo his flies, "where what I say goes and where all males will do what suits me. There, now, Mr Rogers, that's better, isn't it?" and her hand delivers his stiffened penis into the perfumed air of her salon.

"Heh, heh, Miss Popsy," sniggers Rogers, looking past her to a hapless male who is having his panties removed while his dress is pinned up at the front, revealing the puny, child-like genitals that all the sissies have. "Yeah, I love to see them cry with shame as they realise they've been turned into girly little sissies, heh heh, and there's not a thing they can do about it once they are in your grip, no ma'am."

Miss Popsy grins in reply, thinking to herself what a filthy and disgusting item this outsized organ is that she is manipulating in her hand. It needs taming. It needs shrinking. It will have to be neutered and then feminised, and shrunk into the baby size it deserves.

"Why don't you let me show you two nice sissies we're dressing in the Satin Department?" she whispers into his ear, and he allows himself to be led by the penis through a doorway into the brilliantly lit dress gallery at the rear of the boutique.

"Miss Titscombe," she announces, as she leads him by the helmet, "I've brought Mr Rogers, one of our very regular visitors, because he loves seeing sissies being dressed in little girls' dresses, so that they can't help but show how effeminate they have become."

"How lovely to see you," replies the robust dress attendant, "especially since we have so many lovely, very short dresses for you to touch. You may kiss our lovely dresses if you want to, Mr Rogers. Would you like that?"

"Ohhh, y-yesssss!" admits the 35-year-old businessman. "Can... Can I choose which d-dresses to put onto these two sissyboys? I mean, I'd love to h-h-help you to dress them."

"Of course you can, dear," purrs Miss Titscombe as she takes over from Miss Popsy and slides her long fingers deep down around the visitors testicles. "Let me make you feel wonderful while you see us undressing them down to their infant little pendants, so that you can put them into something young and very attractive.

"Mmmm, like this ever so pretty dress for a four-year-old," smiles Miss Popsy as she approaches with a dress in pink and white satin. "Oh my, just look at its gorgeously deep petticoats in silk chiffon, and its lovely puffed sleeves to leave the sissy's arms bare and girlish."

"Ohhh, ye-yessssss, it-it's lovely, M-Miss Pop-syyyyyy!"

She brings the dress closer to him and holds it near his penis in Miss Titscombe's fingers. "I particularly like this darling little girl collar," she says. "So sweet for Sissy Danielle here. Would you like to help us put Danielle into this little girls' dress?"

The idea was the answer to Hammond Rogers' dreams, but his orgasm was not going to be denied. He tried to restrain it, he fought to keep it down, but the rise of its approach was too strong, too pleasurable and it reached out for the dress and shot spurt after spurt of cream into the air of the satin department.

When it was over he knew he had better apologise. He knew he should help to clean up the splashes on the floor. If only they hadn't shown him such a peach of a darling satin dress. He wasn't quite expecting the reaction he got from the proprietress.

"I see, Rogers," she declares with a bitter twist to her lips, "that you have forgotten my number one rule... that no male will ejaculate his hateful spunk until I give him my permission. Miss Titscombe, leave those sissies to simper in their dresses and bring this wanker with the oversized prick into the main shop floor. I'm going to help his memory by giving him a prick-changing lesson he won't forget."