Prissy's Sissies
Drawing by Prissy and storyette by Prim

Having a Girlfriends Day    


  It was Saturday, and Beverley Sweetway had invited her son Nicky's panty-friend from sissy school over to have a Girlfriends' Day. "His mommy says he set out at 11 o'clock, as soon as his hair and nails were done. That means he should be here very soon darling." she informed her son.
  "Oh Mommy, I'm so excited," he cried. Nicky had been ready in his peach floral dress for half an hour. "David will twirl his petticoats beautifully to show you his panties mommy, and he will kiss me and cuddle me, and we can have a sissy school game with all my dollies, and ... and..."
  "Yes my little sweetie," laughed Beverley as Nicky danced and twirled around the living room floor enjoying the swishy frou-frou of his multilayered petticoats. "I am so happy for you both. It's so nice for you to be girlfriends together at the weekend. You will be able to be close and feminine and... intimate."
  "Oh yes, Mommy, yes. I know it's lovely at Miss Pinafore's sissy school, and I know we learn all about dressing and how to be completely feminine, but one of the rules is that panty friends can't sit next to each other in lessons. Miss Pinafore says it's because all we would think about is each other's panties and their lovely stretchy silky points."
  His mother laughed and fussed the bows on the shoulders of her son's dress. "Well it's perfectly all right for you to enjoy each other's panty points today, sweetheart. I'm sure you will both be wearing very attractive and girlish panties and they will be nicely pointed."
  Thinking about David, Nicky became conscious of his panties and how stretched out they were by his very hard clitoris. He couldn't wait for his girlfriend to arrive. He ran to the mirror and studied his makeup. His eyes needed a bit of touching, and he wanted another coating of glitter on his crimson fingernails. His sissy school training came in very useful for giving himself a quick and very lovely make over. He was so engrossed in his preparations that it came as a startling surprise when the doorbell rang, and there was his darling David on the step.
  Nicky's eyes gaped with worship and he forgot to breathe as he gazed at the going out coat and bonnet of his adorable panty friend, all in lilac angora, so that his beautiful eye makeup and lipstick shone out at him with delicious girlishness. The panty-boys were too excited to speak and managed only a soft 'mmmnng' sound as Nicky's fingers reached out and took David's white silk glove in his hand, and led him across the hall to meet his mommy in the sitting room.
  Beverly Sweetway giggled with pleasure at the picture of helplessness the sissy boys made when David curtsyed to her sweetly and then they gazed in rapture at each other. "Have you lost your tongues,boys? Are you going to spend your whole Girlfriends Day without speaking?"
  It was Nicky who managed to speak first. "Look, Mommy... David's legs are so lovely!"
  Beverly couldn't stop a laugh. "They are very lovely, pet. David darling, are you wearing your mommy's nylons today?"
  Their visitor blushed, drooped his chin and managed to nod his soft, fluffy bonnet.
  "I think I had better help David to feel sweet and comfortable," said Beverly, getting to her feet. She stood behind their visitor, undid the front of his coat, and slipped it from his shoulders. "Oh dar-ling! What a beautiful dress! All silk and prettiness and so dainty and girlish."
  David was a very shy and delicate panty-boy, very frightened of ladies and he shrank into a little twist to the side and threw his arms round his panty friend for protection. The back of his dress showed Beverley a huge bow of lilac chiffon resting on its wide skirt of polka dotted silk.
  "Shall we undo David's lovely angora bonnet for him?" cooed Beverly, slotting her fingers under either side of his jaw and drawing out the silk ribbons until the bow dissolved and his bonnet opened out. The boy's soft hair fell onto his ruffled dress sleeves in beautiful waves of strawberry blond curls. Nicky gasped with emotion, breathing the blissful perfume of his panty friend's shampoo and conditioner. He wanted hold and kiss and wriggle with the lovely pantyboy sooo much.
  "Mommy, please can I take David upstairs to my bedroom." His pulse was throbbing in his chest making it difficult to draw breath. "I want him to see my lovely dresses, especially the ones grandma has made for me."
  "Well of course you do, sweetheart, and I'm sure David would love to see them too." She slipped her arms round their guest's waist from behind and hugged him so that her lips could kiss the top of his hair. She noticed that the points of both boys' stretched panties had aquired a charming damp spot where liquid excitement was oozing from stiff penises. "Maybe you could try on one or two of them, if that makes you both feel sweet."

Her suggestion brought a ripple of excitement from her armful of sissiness, who had quite overcome his shyness. "Oh yes please, Mrs Sweetway. Pleeeeease can Nicky dress me in one of his dresses?"
  Nicky held both David's gloved hands and gazed into his grilfriend's eyes. "Let's go upstairs, darling. We'll look through my girls' lingerie first, ( I have three drawers of it) and spread it all out on the bed. Then you can choose one of my dresses, and I'll dress you in it and then you can dress me."
  Beverley smiled with delight as she watched their pantied little bottoms disappearing side by side up the stairs inside the bounce and sway of their short petticoats. They were so girlish and sweet together, and very likely to make each other feel more pretty and sissy. Beverly's memories of Nicky as a horrible normal boy were growing feinter every day. She settled down to watch a bit of TV, happy in the knowledge that the two sweeties would be feeling completely feminine together. It was half an hour later that she popped up to Nicky's room to see how the frilly girlfriends were getting on.
  How delightful. The little darlings had taken off their dresses and hung them up very neatly on the dress rail by Nicky's dressing table. On the other dress rail by the bedside hung two of her son's most gorgeous little-girl party dresses, both of them open fronted to reveal their satin petticoats inside. And the boys themselves? They had covered the bed in dozens of panties and were lying across them, just in their lingerie, clasped in each other's arms, pressing their lips together and sliding their fully stretched panty points softly against each other. "Aaaah! sweet boys," Beverley sighed sitting on the bed to watch and listen to their gasps and murmurs of girlish desire. "Feel the feminine love darlings" she added, gently smoothing a hand over bottoms and thighs.
  They were so like a pair of girls, but Nicky's mommy really wanted the sweethearts to love each other fully dressed, in brassieres, petticoats and dresses, stockings, mary janes and pretty bonnets. "Come along, darlings, it's more exciting to be making love in all your girlie things. You can play touchy-feely with each other's panties and botties after I have dressed you nicely."
  She got the boys to sit on Nicky's dressing table stool and look at each other in the mirror as she slipped their little lacey training bras up their arms and hooked them up. Nicky wore white and David wore pink. "Who's going to wear the lovely high waisted dress in white satin?" she asked, lifting the precious confection from its rail with sizzles of petticoats.
  "Can David wear that one please, Mommy. I so want to see how the petticoats do their frothing and bouncing as he walks in it."
  David had a lovely smile. He was very excited, Beverley could see. As she held the dress in front of him his sweet mouth fell open and his damp panty point got bigger. He popped his gloves through puffed sleeves for his girlfriend's mommy to draw it round him and fasten it down his back. Each of its three satin petticoats fastened with little white buttons all the way down, and finally his dress closed with satin buttons down the back, with a lovely satin sash doing into a big soft bow. The boy's penis was rigid in his panties as he held the front of his petticoats apart for his girlfriend to see.
  Nicky was to wear the pink dress scattered with rosebuds and embroidered with swirls of flowers. The crispness of the silk made his dress rustle with girlish sweetness as it flounced around him, with buttons down the back, a thick bow of maroon silk to match the puffed sleeves, and petticoat frills right down the open front. Gasping with feminine pleasure he looked at his girlfriend to see his reaction as he held his dress out to the sides and showed the stiffly excited and wet point of his pretty silk panties.
  "I want you to sit here, David my darling," said Beverly, moving Nicky's stool into the middle of the floor. "Let me spread your lovely dress out for you, sweetheart. Now, Nicky darling, you stand here," and she passed him the hairbrush, "and brush your girlfriend's hair, softly and slowly... while he plays gently with the silk of your panties."
  There were gasps from both the boys. Nicky held the brush and felt the front of his petticoats parting in David's fingers, and David looked adoringly up at Nicky. How lovely to have his girlfriend's open dress a few inches from his face, with petticoat lace moving delicately in front of him as Nicky smoothed his hair again and again. The upright point of Nicky's panties was pressing so hard, inviting his girlfriend's fingers to clasp the wonderful shape of his lovely penis helmet.
  With bleating sounds of rising pleasure, Nicky continued to brush and to smooth, his penis bursting with an aching glow of girlishness, until the pleasure of attending to David's hair was too much for him, and he spent his spurting offering of sissy cream into his girlfriend's fingers again and again.
  His mother was on hand to take care of the lovebirds. "Wasn't that nice, darling... to spend your squirties into David's fingers while you made his hair look even more feminine. I think he would like to take his turn at fussing your curls, sweetheart, so that you can play with the stiffness in his lovely pink panties. And look what I've brought from upstairs."
  The boys took one look at the stack of her own silky panties that she laid to one side, and fell into each other's arms. "Oh Nicky darling, I want to put you into your mommy's lovely panties," cried David.
  "Yes...yes...and I want to put you into my mommy's panties too, darling" gasped Nicky, and their legs intertwined with sissy love as they hugged each other and kissed with their stretched panties as well as their moaning lips.
Beverly knew it was going to be a deliciously creamy Girlfriends' Day.