Sissy Art by SATYN
with storyette by Prim


Antonia pushes her nephew forward into the sitting room, squirming with shame in her silk-chiffon babydoll and panty. He approaches the guests in a fluttering cloud of pale primrose sweetness, fragrant with the perfume of his Aunt's lingerie chest of drawers.

"Oh Antonia darling, how delightful, seeing him so subdued." Ethel Blenkinsopp was the same age Antonia, her chins jiggling in her neck as she sat and surveyed the sissy's hang-dog misery in front of them.

"And to see him gagged into silence, darling," added Vanessa Courtauld, sitting opposite her in her olive green suit. "Goodness, the ridiculous appearance of him is giving me quite an excited turn!" Aunt Antonia stood him in the middle for her two visitors to see his floating chiffon, and to let them glow with pleasure as what could be seen of his face turned a darker shade of beetroot. It was a tribute to her control over him that her two dearest and proudest friends should preen with lust when she showed them her nephew totally subdued in her frillies. And they were enjoying him deeply today.

"Remove his nightdress for us, darling," requested Ethel, almost wrenching her beads from her throat in a little spasm of desire. "We want to see his penis thing standing up in your panty."

Antonia chuckled. Her friends were in for a surprise. She lifted his nightdress over his head, and her sissified pet was revealed in her bra and panty. It was always a moment of delicious pleasure to her guests.

"What gorgeous tits, dear," marvelled Vanessa. "I can never bring myself to believe they real?"

Antonia pulled his hands back now that he was out of her nightdress, and ribboned them behind him. "My dear," she said, cupping his breasts in both hands and pulling him into her magnificent bust, "see how real they are for yourself." Her fingers had his nipples pinched and tweaked inher fingertips as she brought whimpers of sensual pleasure from her nephew's gag.

"But darling - I'm surprised he isn't pointed in his beautifully long, silk crepe panty, like he usually is."

Antonia allowed herself a smile and slipped her fingers into his panty at eh waist. As the silk slid down to his knees, her friends gasped together.

"Oh darling, how delightful! He is completely zipped up into a tight panty-girdle, Ethel." The guests squirmed in a ladylike few inches in their armchairs.

"Oh Antonia honey," gasped Ethel. "Can we unzip his panty girdle? Put him here in my lap." She shifted in her sblue floral satin dress to make her wide lap available, and the bleating male was lowered onto her dress for her arms to fold around him in their heavy flesh. His knees clung together in his Aunts panties. His Aunt drew the stool up to Ethel's chair for Vanessa to sit in front of her.

The sissy hummed helplessly into his gag as the women prepared to undo his zip. Ethel held him as if in manacles, while Vanessa obliged, her lips parted and trembling as her fingers caught the little metal tongue and slowly unzipped him down the front of Antonia's girdle.

"Ohhhhh!" "Ohhhh, look at it!" His naked cock sprang into their sight, its shaft firm and pink, its knob purpled and glowing, with beads of pre-cum glistening on the end. Vanessa wanted to see his shame and lifted his chin.

"Who's Aunt Antonia's little corset-sissy?" she cooed, her thick crimson lips quivering at her own pleasure.

"Who wants to be a sissy in corsets for Aunt Antonia's friends?" wondered Ethel in his ear, slavering wet kisses onto his neck and cheek.

Her attentions, and Vanessa's fingers all over his erected cock meant they didn't have to wait long. The helpless sissy stiffened, then slumped, his surrender pumping onto his stockinged legs as the women watched, taking it in turns, without a word, to enjoy the sorts of pleasures hidden beneath their skirts and foundations, that Ladies don't talk openly about.