His New Sissy Uniform
by Prim

Ellis Fairchilde had just been elected school sissy by staff and pupils at Presswell High. There were three votes for Peter Whitless and one for Brad Chambers, but that left four hundred and twenty-six in favour of the quiet, fragile and undeniably effeminate Ellis.
  His mother was delighted at the news. It elevated her in one stroke to a new prominence at the High School and in the social life of the neighbourhood, since Ellis would be in great demand at dozens of events around town. As for Ellis, he collapsed in class when the news was brought, and had to be carried by two grinning guys to Miss Ratchett's office, where smelling salts brought him round to the reality of his new life.
  On Sunday night, the uniform package was delivered by Miss Archworthy, the chief secretary of the school. Before she had got as far as the living room, Ellis burst into tears, and was sent to his room while his mother shared a few words with the secretary about her son's induction at the following day's college assembly.
  "Here is your invite," declared the po-faced spinster. "The ceremony will be attended by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, as well as invited guests and parents." She didn't say so, but she could have added: 'all eager to see the early moments of the new sissy's experience.' "Don't worry, Mrs Fairchilde," Miss Archworthy continued, "there will be nurses present to bring him round if he collapses. Everything will be done to ensure that he will fulfil all his duties of undressing and exposure." The visitor gave the boy's mother a sheaf of dressing instructions, and explained the intricacies of the boy's uniform and the importance of wearing it correctly for maximum public effect. Ellis was brought down to listen to the school secretary before she left.
  "I hope you are aware of how lovely you are to look, boy" she said. "Everyone expects you to look very girlish in your uniform, and above all, you must be very effeminate. Is that clear?"
  Ellis's tears overcame him again. "Say 'Yes, Miss Archworthy,' " insisted his mother, and the boy gurgled as best he could as his head nodded. Then, when the visitor had gone, the wailing boy was taken straight up to his bedroom, where the pink dust covers containing his new uniform hung along the front of his closet and over his chair. In one minute, he was standing naked in front of his mother, the cool air caressing his soft flesh and smooth skin. He was a boy with no body hair except a whisp above his little penis, and his mother kept that smoothly razored every evening while she was bathing him.
  "We have to start with girls deodorant," said his mother, shaking the canister as she read the leaflet. The fragrance filled the room as she rolled Princess Pru wetly all over his body and worked it into his skin. "Then we start with the pretty garter belt and nylon stockings."
  "Mummy, I don't want to be th-th-the thchool thithy," Ellis lisped, his voice breaking into another wail.
  "Nonsense dear. Hold your foot still for your nylon stocking." The fully fashioned stockings slid with liquid grace up his legs and were soon attached to his lace trimmed garters. "Hmm, what are these two shorter garters ending in ribbons, for?" She consulted the guide. "Ah, how sweet, they hold your little penis up high. It says your penis must be stiffened and standing straight up all day while you are wearing your sissy uniform." She put down the leaflet and held Ellis's penis in both hands. "Mummy will help her little boy's pencil to stand up for its pretty ribbons, darling."
  Her fingers were soft and effective, slipping up and down the length of his member, while his warbling softened into a helpless kind of murmuring and then into a breathless silence.
  "There, darling, he's standing up nicely. It isn't difficult being a sissy is it." She wrapped the pink ribbons under the knob of his penis and did them into a bow which kept it tensed and standing to attention. "Next we have your sissy breasts and brassiere, darling, all in one. Arms in here for me."
  Ellis wilted with a moan of emotion as the big brassiere cups approached his chest and settled into position like two big mounds of satin covered flesh. His mother spent so long fastening him into it between his shoulder blades that he could tell it was on him to stay. It was terrifying. They made him feel so feminine. His penis stiffened a little bit higher in its ribbons as he gazed down at his bust through his tears, but his shame doubled in agony as he heard the sizzle of the silky net petticoat he had to wear.
  "Arms up, darling... higher, right above your head. That's right," and the frothy tiers of silk and nylon spread horrifyingly around his head and dropped onto his bust, so that his mother had to slide and slither them to and fro to bring the shoulder ribbons down and the full width of his petticoat frills down to his waist. Ohhh, it was so wi-i-ide... and so hi-i-igh! He was petticoated like a little girl. The next thing was a cream silk blouse on a hanger, and Ellis watched his mother undoing the buttons down the front.
  "Aren't you lucky, darling. Look at the lovely blouse you'll be wearing at school tomorrow," as his arms slid humiliatingly through the big puffed sleeves.
  "Mummy, pleathe don't make me wear the thithy blouthe," he cried, his voice descending again into a wail. His penis was rigidly stiff in front of him and he felt utterly defeated as his mother fastened his blouse buttons down the front.
 "And look, darling. The blouse has a beautiful girly silk scarf, to fasten under here like this," and she checked the diagram on her instructions. "Oh look, sweetheart, it gathers under the silk like this and holds your blouse collar up all round your pretty face. Isn't that sweet?"
  The tears burst from Ellis's eyes and ran down his cheeks inside his silk collar, especially since his mother couldn't wait to put his skirt on for him to see what he would look like in his full uniform. He lifted his arms into the pink satin lining and it hissed down his blouse and onto his petticoat, where the pink pleats opened out wide so that the skirt lay softly over his petticoat, leaving just a few inches of white silk frills still visible all round.
  "Oh how clever, darling," sang his mother. "Your sissy school skirt buttons onto your blouse... here at the front, and here at the back. Now Ellis dear, there's no need to cry quite so loudly. Let me get you fully buttoned up, and then we can see how you look in the mirror."
  But Ellis was in no condition to wait a moment longer. It was the wideness of his pretty skirt, and the way it buttoned onto his sissy blouse that was too much for him, and his ribboned penis jerked up, reaching for his satin skirt lining, through his petticoat frills, and started to jism its helplessness in squirts of cream again and again, which only proved that everyone was right to vote for effeminate Ellis to be dressed in such a sweet and girlish school sissy uniform.