Mistress Vera's 60s Sissies' Academy

A Story by Silk Sissigan


  Mistress Vera Cruise ran her fanned fingertips down her neck, enjoying the smooth feel of fine sweat that was forming in her perfumed blouse collar, while her other hand firmly pressed upon a thick ball of poodle curls, forcing it between her spread legs. As the obedient tongue first brushed against her expectant labia, she let out a breathy hiss of controlled pleasure.
  "Lick that pleasure button, Miss Densedoll!" she commanded loftily.
  The sensation of absolute power over her boudoir plaything made her drunk with gratification, sending shivers of lust down to her pumped tiptoes. She must remember later, she thought, to have the weakling buff up her chic pumps with that same tongue that was now stroking her fastidious clit to the rhythm of Johann Strauss's Beautiful Blue Danube.
  The "Strauss-piece pussy licking" was Mistress Vera Cruise's ultimate test of oral aptitude - a skill exam all her students had to undergo before being delivered to their future Mistresses. So far, Miss Lindsay Densedoll was doing pretty well - her velvety tongue displaying distinct promise in the delicate art of being groomed to be a perfect clit-slave. But did she have the stamina as well - could she keep up the focus and the tempo till the end of the piece?
  As the music progressed, Miss Densedoll's tongue moved along like a conductor's baton - impressing accents of pleasure onto Mistress Vera's spoiled pussy-button in waltz-like fashion. If there was one piece of music Mistress Vera Cruise could never get tired of, it was the Strauss piece. Especially when the licking slave made her hit the climax at the very end - when the music exploded into a magnificent finale! The only other person present in Principal Vera's office was Ms Gwenda Snapgirdle, Mistress Vera's Senior Personal Assistant, who, at all times, projected the proper demureness of highly professional conduct; and yet, inwardly, was just as excited to witness the oral aptitude test as Mistress Vera was to administer it.
  Mistress Vera pushed the curly head as deep as it would go, squeezing it tight between her mighty upper legs - almost too tight for its owner to breathe, as he sucked on her dripping twat - a mere slave to the excesses of perverse lust that resided under Mistress Vera's matronly mask of prim, buttoned-up decorum. Miss Densedoll had been one of her favourite students that year: so weak-willed, so docile, so easy to dominate.
  Mistress Vera was a woman of exquisite cravings and high expectations, who rewarded subservience generously, while ruthlessly punishing the slightest sign of insubordination. A doe-eyed, champagne-chinned diva of style, she was feared and admired among all the attendants of the 60s Sissies Academy.
  Mistress Vera's 60s Sissies Academy was an exclusive Sissy Establishment for well-heeled ladies with a distinct preference for the glamorous looks of the 1960s. The fitted round-collar suits, the gloves, the bulbous hairdos, the graphic make-up... it was all there! Along with 60s handbags, shoes and jewellery.
  The academy promised its clients to deliver a perfectly-trained "Stepford wifeband" in three months, or reimburse their money, should the training somehow fail, for whatever reason. The latter never happened, though, thanks to Mistress Vera's infallible intuition as to what candidates to admit to the Sissification Program, or reject as unsuitable. She could see it in one's eyes, they said. Others said she could smell their fear and their craving for submission. Whatever the case, once accepted as a sissy-wifeband student, the subject would be given a suitable "school name" and be addressed by feminine pronouns at all times. School names were often assigned by Mistress Vera herself, along the lines of Miss Nancy Prettyface, Miss Shelly Poutlips, or Miss Betsy Obtuse.
  The newly-named students would then be divided between the three houses of the Academy - The Palace of Pearls, The Hall of Hair, and The Castle of Cardigans - which were run, respectively, by 'Divine Mistress' Vera Cruise, 'Chic Mistress' Olivia La Paz, and 'Elegant Mistress' Doris Buttons.

Each House Mistress would typically have a class of about two dozen sissies, whom she would lead to their graduation with a firm hand and an insatiable twat. The House Mistresses enjoyed absolute power over their houses, which they wielded in the spirit of their personal goals and preferences. They were aided by several Dominatrixes, who were all fiercely ambitious and generally severe towards the sissies. The sissies were also controlled by the school's uniformed Rule Enforcers, who reported to Commander Darla Whipbottom. Any rule-breaking or misconduct by the sissies was readily seized upon by the ruthless Enforcers, who all wished to ingratiate themselves with the Commander.
  The acclaimed Academy was a place where weak, narcissistic boys aged 19 and upwards were made even more weak and narcissistic, as their natural inclination towards being effeminate was exploited and capitalized upon for the personal enrichment of Mistress Vera and her inner sanctum. Mistress Vera would often remark with a smirk of amusement: "The emptier their heads, the fuller our pockets!"
  The current school term was now drawing to its end and Graduation Festivities were once again the centre of attention at the busy Academy. The Graduation Ceremony was traditionally concluded with a 60s runway show, followed by a 60s gala reception. Then the feminized graduates would be taken home by their Mistresses and the whole process would start all over again. Thanks to the school's excellent reputation, there was never a shortage of candidates, and Mistress Vera was already making plans to establish two additional School Houses: the Dome of Dresses and the Boudoir of Blouses. It was so wonderful to be selfish, rich and powerful, she thought, as the Strauss piece was drawing to its finale, with Miss Densedoll still licking away like a primped up poodle in pearls. Mistress Vera clutched Miss Densedoll's curly head in her hands, rubbing her lips and nose up and down her dripping pussy.
  "Lick, stupid! Lick!" she commanded, abandoning herself to the tyrannical impulses she always felt prior to an orgasm.
  "Yes, Mistress. I'm licking, Mistress-" came a muffled, out-of-breath answer from below.
  "How did I do, Mistress? Have I passed?" asked Dolly Densedoll, nearly breathless.
  "Yes, you have, Miss Densedoll - congratulations. And this is for speaking out of turn!" she spanked Miss Densedoll's bottom and slapped her on the cheek - not hard, but with a delicious 'smack!' of authority.
  Since Miss Dolly Densedoll loved being spanked and smacked, her cock - which was already near-erect - shot up like an arrow, stiffening to bursting hardness in an instant.
  "Ms Snapgirdle will see to it that your grade is duly noted," said Mistress Vera, referring to her PA, who had been working quietly at her desk all along.
  Pausing at the door, Mistress Vera adjusted her clothes and checked her make-up quickly. "I have a meeting to attend now; you know what to do, Gwen, don't you?" she said as she walked out, not even waiting to hear the answer.
  "Oh, yes! I know JUST what to do! COME HERE, SISSY!!" said Gwenda Snapgirdle, grabbing Miss Densedoll by her petrified cock and pulling het towards the lounge corner, where she sat on her face with all her weight, pumping her sissy-stick with swift moves of her powerful forearm. Everybody knew about Gwenda Snapgirdle's penchant for face-sitting while playing with an obedient cock, but Dolly Densedoll had so far always managed to stay out of her clutches, one way or another. "Finally, I've got you where I want you, my sissy poodle princess! Let me teach you the true meaning of throwing one's weight around, ha-ha-ha!" she laughed heartily as she brought her ample buttocks down on Sissy Dolly's gasping face. "You're such a kiss-ass, aren't you?! Ha-ha-ha! Well, I've got news for you, sweetie - being Mistress Vera's pet ain't gonna help you NOW, you know! You'll be graduating this afternoon, and gone this evening; and your beloved Mistress Vera will be getting NEW TOYS next week, ha-ha-ha... But before you go, pretty doll - you're gonna kiss MY ass for a change! Kiss it, SISSY! Kiss it!! Yeah, that's right! Just KISS THAT ASS!!!" she taunted her captive, pumping her stony cock vigorously - forcing it to smarting hardness!
  Then Gwen Snapgirdle turned her voluptuous body and bore her ample flesh down on Sissy Dolly's cock, which slid into her hot, wet pussy with amazing alacrity.
  With her face buried under Ms Snapgirdle's jiggling jubblies, Dolly Densedoll could hardly breathe, which somehow made her cock even harder inside Gwenda's warm vagina.
  "Suck those nipples! Suck them, you sissy suckling - ha-ha-ha!"
  "Yes, Ms Snapgirdle - I'm sucking! Mmmmmm..."
  "And fuck that pussy, you simpering twatface!"
  "Yes, Madam - I'm fucking, I'm fucking! Aahhh!!"
  "FUCK, SISSY, FUCK!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" Gwenda Snapgirdle orgasmed with a horrific moan, pressing her big, bouncy butterjugs into Dolly's face as she shook all over with pleasure. "YES! OOHHHH YEEEEES!!! I just LOVE fucking you prinked-up, sissy-wife panty-pumpers! And it's time for some fresh faces, ha-ha-ha... I always love seeing the looks on your faces when you first arrive - the shy ones, the spoiled ones... the chickenshit ones - like yourself... And not a single leader among you - Mistress Vera won't allow those at our school. Only timid little slaves like you - so weak-willed, and so hopelessly in love with their mirrors! The sissy-narcissy types, ha-ha-ha..."
  All the while, Sissy Dolly was struggling with the weight of Gwenda's tits upon her face, breathing through her captor's cleavage as best she could.
  "Alright then, enough chit-chat," said Gwenda, removing her meat-rack from Dolly's face and getting her weight off her exhausted cock. "It's time for you to go and get ready for the Graduation Ceremony. I hear your Mistress can hardly wait to get you back. No wonder, now that you've graduated from the best Sissy Academy in the country. Well, off you go then!"
  "Thank you, Ms Snapgirdle," said Dolly and left the room, with a sigh of relief.
  In Part Two of Silk Sissigan's exciting peep inside Miss Vera's 60's Academy, we follow the (mis)fortunes of three new arrivals, Lizy, Barbella and Suzy, who will undergo a sex-watering change in direction in their lives.