Buying His Own School Uniform    by Prim

Phillip held his head down, but darted furtive glances this way and that from his babyish bonnet. Who was there? Who could see him in the girls' uniform department of Johnson and Johnson's? What a terrible idea this was of Dorothy his Mother-In-Law, to enrol him at Ladywell Court and to dress him in the girls' school uniform!

"Good morning ma'am. How can I help?" the sales assistant was not much older than him. What must she be thinking?

"My son-in-law is starting at Ladywell Court. I've picked out some gymslips for him, so they are making him very excited. Look at the stiffness of his genitalia."

"Mmm. I see what you mean." The salesgirl hid her amusement with a polite pursing of the lips. "He likes dressing up as a girl then?"

"I'm afraid so. I discovered it early on, and I've had him in girls dresses and rompers ever since. So now we need school blouses and skirts for him, please."

"Of course. Please feel free to hold skirts against his - genitalia - and blouses too, if he would reveal his wish for them."

So Dorothy had Phillip standing at the rails of school blouses and school skirts, holding the silk or the cotton against his front. Phillip groaned with misery as women and girls stood watching the sissy having his girls' school uniform chosen for him. "Oh my God, I just saw his cock," said one girl, "and it was standing upwards!" "Well that shows why he's got to go to the girls' school," said another.

Back at the counter Phillip presented his payment card. "Let me see now," said the assistant: "that's four, five, six blouses. They're nice and silky aren't they? And - well! - TEN skirts. I think I know why you need plenty of replacements."

She was absolutely right, as it turned out that Phillip could not stop his urges from bursting forth. He ejaculated onto one of his new skirts before it had even been parcelled up for him.