Prim's Petticoat Pansies #33
--- A special 'ADULT-SISSY-BABY' issue! ---

Hello my darling. Here's a flavour of what is in store for you if you visit Prim's new issue of Petticoat Pansies in the Wendyhouse.
Aunt Frocks xxx

Prim Stories:
At The Satin-Panty Sissy School - A new Prim story in four parts.
Chapter 2: Virgin is Plugged With Sissifying Inserts

Prim Drawings with storyette:
1 - Inside Mother-In-Law's Face-Panty
2 - Mr Blushby's Classroom Humiliation
3 - Jason's Day at the Pretty Boy Boutique
Chapter 3: Jason Is Used By Women Clients
4 - Holding It In
5 - His Appointment at Salon Suck Baby
6 - Rodney's Humiliation Buggy

The Art of Prissy
At the Girl-Baby Nursery  with storyette by Prim.

The Art of Barbara-Jean
His First Lingerie  with storyette by Prim.

The Art of Curtus
From Bobbie to Baby Brat  with storyette by Prim.

The Art of Penelope Pinprick
Time for a change at Miss Popsy's  with storyette by Prim.

The Art of Satyn
Instant Gel Burst  with storyette by Prim.

The Art of Vancy
Dillie Dribbles  with storyette by Prim.

Flight attendant fashions

Miss Blouse - Governess to sissies
Miss Blouse has plenty of good advice for you, so pay attention!
In this issue:- A boy needs a balanced diet:

Sweetheart Styles
More sissy outfit ideas, designed by me and drawn by Prim
Sissy-Girl Bubble-Romper - Mistress wants her baby to be helpless.

Aunt Frock's Baby Room - For 'very young' Sissies
picture and storyette by Prim
Dickie Display for the Ladies
and two baby stories from by Baby Charlotte:
---Little Big Land - and
---Suck Baby

Tell Aunt Frocks:
Letters - photos - stories for Aunt Frocks to show you, from:

Baby Charlotte, Daisy, Debbie, Dizzymisssizzy, Jessi, Little Mattie,
Marie-Christine, Sissy Baby, Princess Pansy, Marcia, Nancy,
Satinsissi, Pammy, Jo-Anne, and Priscilla Pettipanties.

My Pink Boudoir:
Feminine items for my sissies to wear.
Aunt Frocks explores Wendyhouse sissy babies with you

That's 8 Prim images, 14 Prim stories, 6 images from other great fem-dom artists
and lots more girly sweetness for 12.00 USD
Unbelievable value!
Delicious pleasure!
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With love from Prim and Aunt Frocks xxx

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