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Walt Wisconsin - Part 3
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A Blousey Weekend

Vincent Pearl gets very excited on Saturdays. He is sent
by his wife to visit her mother, and Phyllis knows just what
her daughter expects her mother to do with him. His
devotion to his Mother-In-Law's blouses can still become
a lot deeper and humiliating, however, so he must practise
and practise and practise.

This story is in Aunt Frocks' Newsletter No.5 in the Emma Room
Cock-Pull Sissification

Eileen Smoothing delivers her son-in-law Zachary Pulsover
to his sissification lesson. Mistress Bowes knows exactly
how to bring out his devotion to his Mother-In-Law's
panties, but he has to be fastened securely so that there
is no escaping the deeply feminizing effects of Eileen's
emasculating lingerie .

This story is in Aunt Frocks' Newsletter No.2 in the Emma Room

James Adores His Momsy-In-Law

James is such a weakling, his wife's mother, Astrid
Chalmers, has a house full of baby things for him to be
dressed in when he arrives. His nature demands that he
surrenders to her contempt and becomes her sissy baby.

This story is in Aunt Frocks' Newsletter No.4 in the Emma Room
Kid Boots and Gloves for Lesley

Lesley Waterson is the helpless slave of his Mother-In-Law,
Alma Maddigan. Not content with having him devoted to her
exquisite fashions, she wants to render him utterly helpless
in her boots, gloves and corsets, so that her women friends
can see how totally she controls his weakness.

This story is in Prim's Petticoat Pansies #20 in the Jessica Room