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At the Alpha Ladies Collective

Nicola Thinly stood over her husband in his pushchair and lectured him as officers of the Alpha Women's Collective clipped his mittens to the ruffled hem of his pink silk baby dress. "You don't like women seeing you in your little dresses do you, my weakling little husband?" She chuckled at the look of misery above the curve of his yellow plastic pacifier. "Well let me tell you this, Harold, the women are gathered today for the ceremonial changing of your name. And if you thought you had ever felt ashamed before, that was nothing to what you're gonna feel now." The sad husbands endure a merciless time in front of their women tormentors.

This story appeared in Prim's Petticoat Pansies #2, and is one of many illustred Prim stories for Adult Baby Girls in the Wendyhouse.

The Dressing Adventures of Johnny, chapter 34

Johnny discovered how nice feminine clothes were by accident when he came to live with his Aunts who own a dress boutique. They catch him red handed and subject him to a life of fetishization and feminization. This chapter describes Johnny's second visit to the girls' school where he has been enrolled as a pupil to be dressed and laughed at by the girls.

This story is in the Tiffany Room in Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse.

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