Feeding Time at the Wet Diapers Nursery    by Prim

"Nurse, please don't give me my sissification milk. I don't want to be more sissy." This was typical of sissy adult babies attending the Wet Diapers Nursery at the insistence of their wives or stepmothers. On this occasion it was Ashe Littlewick, begging pathetically as Nurse Crush wrapped the ribbons round his ankles and wrists to prevent any naughty sissy interference at milk time.

"Oh don't be so soppy, babykins," she remonstrated, wrapping his drinking bonnet round his head and fastening it with ribbons under his chin. "Let's put Baby-girl Ashe into his nice 'sissy' bib so that slobbering and dribbling won't spoil his lovely white Sunday best dress while Nurse is making sure he becomes more and more girly and frilly."

The same pathetic pleading came from Lesley Sweetboy as he was being secured in place by Nurse Smart. "I don't care what you want, pet," she was telling him. "Mummy says you must wet your diapers in the most girly way possible, and that means you'll be drinking three full bottles of sissification formula. I want those diaper pants filled right up with lots of baby-girl pee."

Fennel Dickless was no better: "I won't! I won't drink it!" he insisted, trying to stamp his foot which was already ribboned onto the footrest of his high chair. He did his best to shake the chair over, which would only have banged himself on the head like the silly little half-girl, half-boy that he was.

Nurse Slapp slid his bib into place and did it into a bow. In fact she gave him a slap too, round the side of his satin bonnet. "Naughty babies who are ungrateful for how their stepmothers pay a lot of money for their feminization will get extra girling milk," she assured him. "So we'd better get started," and before he was aware, the plastic teat pushed its way between his teeth and sank into his throat. He choked for a few moments, then gulped - and gulped - and in no time he was drinking down the warm, sweet sissification fluid that the sissy nursery specialised in.

It was the talk of the town, and did well with internet sales too. No wonder, since drinking just one bottle of Inner-Girl sissification milk was guaranteed to erase male resistance, while filling the mind and body with the softest and sweetest desires to become daintier and more effeminate. It could be seen immediately in the boy's physical movements, the way his head lolled softly round on his bib while asking for his second bottle. And of course it showed in the front of baby's diaper. Nurse was pleased to see the genital contour pointing straight up from halfway through the first bottle onwards. And as the experienced nurses of the Wet Diapers Nursery knew, it was about halfway through their second bottle that sissies would be unable to hide it any longer and would declare their wild desire to be a baby girl by squidging spurt after spurt of juice into the soft fluffy insides of their lovely baby-girly diaper pants.

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