Meeting His Sweetheart    by Prim

"Missus Borne-Jones. How lovely to see you." Janice Turner beamed a smile of appreciation towards the friend she had only met by face time until today.

"Hello Janice. Do call me Evelyn, please. Let me introduce my daughter Lois. And this thing, of course, is her husband Brendan Harrison." The curl of contempt on her lips said it all.

The abject husband shrank visibly in front of the stranger. She looked very smart in a chestnut brown two-piece costume, but it was who she had with her that made his cheeks burn with embarrassment.

"This," said Janice, "is my son-in-law John. Have you ever seen such a milk-sop? As I explained over the zoom, I like to keep him in pretty pinks and the frilliest sissy fashions. That way he is steadily becoming more and more of a sexless wimp."

The other women laughed. "Yes, we can see," said Lois. "I wonder if he would respond well to being fondled by another sissy."

A bolt of fright swept through Brendan Harrison. Being touched by this freak in front of him? No fear! At least they hadn't dressed him in one of his frocks for coming to the Sorority coffee morning.

"Oh that would be lovely," replied Janice. "He is certainly pretty taken by my son-in-law. I like those silky panties you've got him in."

"I like to keep him in my blouses and knickers," explained Evelyn. "That way he knows to lisen for my voice at all times so that he can obey his Mother-In-Law instantly. Lift your blouse, darling, and hold your erection in its silk knickers. That's right. Show it to Janice's sissy-boi. I wonder if you would like to take it right up to him, then he can hold it too."

Brendan's scalp bristled with dread. Surely she wasn't going to humiliate him like that in front of Janice - and her son-in-law!

But he found himself being martialled forward by both his elbows, until the three women had both sissies together between them.

"Well, John, you can't ignore such a wonderful invitation from my friends. Hold the sissies cock in both hands, and say thank you."

The wretched sissy reached for the knickered penis and closed his fingers round it with tender delicacy. He felt the throb of excitement in the organ as he made contact with it. "Th-th-thank you, ma'am," he said with blubbering lips, and to his dismay, he felt Janice lifting his own dress to reveal what he knew was happening: from the moment the women had mentioned sissy-touching-sissy, his own cock had grown as stiff as it could.

"I think you should look at each other's cocks," declared Evelyn. "It's what sissies like so much. And if you are both to become more and more sexless, you should be kissing cock-to-cock as well."

Both sissies felt the women press closer round them at these words, and as Lois and her mother drew down Brendan's knickers to his thighs, his cock bounded into sight, only too eager to meet the thrilling penis that faced him.

"Oh they love it," cried Lois, helping them to make their cocks meet.

"It will definitely make them more girly," laughed Evelyn.

"I think we should bring them all home to my flat," said Janice. "I want the two of them hugging in blouses and panties, and standing in front of us as their cocks kiss and kiss for our amusement."

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