Come and join me, darling, to read my 18th monthly Newsletter. Yes, it's been a year and a half since my Newsletters began back in May, 2016. That was when two Republican candidates, Ted Cruz and John Kazich withdrew from the Presidential nomination campaign, and when UK MP Boris Johnson resigned as Mayor of London to be replaced by Sadiq Khan. All the intervening Newsletters are in the Emma Room for you to enjoy inside the Wendyhouse.

Some brilliant things have been happening since last month, sweetheart. If you are a member you will have noticed the two new rooms we have. The Alice Room has only one issue of Prim's Petticoat Pansies in it so far, the latest one, issue #31, but as time goes by it will house issues #31 to #40. The Hannah Room will have all the issues of Walt Wisconsin: so far it contains Parts 1 - 5, that's chapters 1 - 38.

Another change is the appearance on our Home Page of the icon for experiencing a complete issue of Prim's Petticoat Pansies. Click on the icon and you will access issue #20, which is very similar to all the others. - Go on, darling. Click it and see for a minute, then hurry back here to read my Newsletter with me, because PPP#20 is not going to go away.

These issues contain at least 8 Prim pictures, each with its own storyette, as well as art work from fabulous guest artists like Prissy and Barbara-Jean who created her range of BJ Frillies. Also in there are features of mine, like Sweetheart Styles, my own Pink Boudoir of sissy fashions, my Baby Nursery corner and my Tell Aunt Frocks page of readers' letters, photos and stories. If you like issue#20, I'm sure you'll like the other 30 issues if you joined the Wendyhouse. They follow the same patters, filled with forced feminization and sissy humiliations, and like all members - YOU GET THEM ALL. Plus Prim's serialised illustrated stories in the Tiffany Room and the Hannah Room. For a full picture of what you will get, click here to see the

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Not bad for 9.00 USD a month, and you can close your membership whenever you like.

Another thrill for me is to be able to share with you the letters our sissy friends have sent to Prim and me for your benefit and enjoyment. Their photos too, and that includes six lovely new faces in the Rose Room, which is where we're going to start right now.

Cuddles for you as we read on together, darling, from

Aunt Frocks xxx

Here are our new faces in the Rose Room for September-October.

Aren't they fabulous? My heart goes out to every girl in the Rose Room. What pleasure they bring us, and what an inspiration they are to all girls to know that they will be loved and admired if they bravely put their feminine foot forward.

Letter 1 - Lady Yvonne reveals Katrin the Sissy's chastity belt

Dear Susan,

Thank you very much for the reply. I am delighted to read that you are thinking about on further humiliating my fairy princess and adding her photos to the new Alice Room in your next issue. Public exposure is what every sissy needs and so does mine. I am really looking forward to that.

Oh yes, I have my katrin now for nearly 17 years and locking her up in a chastity device was part of her training right from the start. I know that other Mistresses use different means to emasculate their sissy pansies but this one is mine and looking at the results so many years later proves me not completely wrong. May be I should make sissy katrin write an essay on how she was fitted for the chastity belt to be posted in the Wendyhouse. I know how humiliated she felt to be exposed to the belt maker in all her sissy underwear. What do you think?

I understand that you don't want to post real life pictures showing a pansies genitals but just to show you how my sissy looks like I make her attaching a picture of her wearing her chastity belt. Nevertheless feel free to use it for posting if you decide that steel panties don't interfere with your rules on the Wendyhouse.

I must say that lending my sissy pansy out to my friends was one of the most effective training measures.I still remember - and so does sissy - the first time I made her serving teas and coffees when I had invited two of my friends over one afternoon. My little fairy trembled with fear and humiliation but at the end she passed with flying colours and made my friends being jealous of having such a cute and obedient maid to wait on me.

It didn't take long till my pansy has become a fully accepted maid of almost any party that I or any female in my circle of friends hosts … funny enough, most of the males that attended the parties did accept her without any problems and I am quite sure that some of them never doubted her being a real female maid. But even if they do, I wouldn't care. My fairy princess isn't a male any longer and who knows, some of the males might even be envious and wish they'd be allowed to take her place or at least walk a while in her shoes.

Dear Susan, it's a pleasure exchanging thoughts with you on how to train sissies. May be I should learn to write and read in English much better so I don't need sissy Katrin's help any longer.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Lady Yvonne

Dear Lady Yvonne,

It was a pleasure to read your letter, not least because it fills in more of the picture of Sissy Katrin and her total emasculation. I know from other women/mistresses how degrading it is for their sissy to have to work on the process of revealing more details of their own sissyness, as in Katrin's case of translating your letter to send to me. Seeing at first hand what revelations are being made to so many sissies and their mistresses. She is sort of betraying herself, I suppose.

What a sweet photograph - such helplessness. I shall certainly share it with my readers in one of my Newsletters, so that they can get a feeling for having their sex locked away. What a poor dear Katrin is! It was very pleasant reading about her exposure as your maid in front of mixed company. When it comes to what male guests make of the sissy maid, we can only guess, my dear. Dread 'in case' it's a possibile destiny for them too? Or envy, wishing if only that could be me? One thing I'm pretty certain of: when males see submissive sissies under the control of females, it sets their minds jangling, no matter who they are. They won't be able to avoid thinking back to the occasion, perhaps enjoying dreams about it. The poor, weak dears.

Thank you again for your nice mail, darling.

Warm hugs,

Susan Frocks x

On a slightly different note, darling, I want to show you some gorgeous examples of Morpheus fashions. You'll have seen examples on the web, and here are some that show what lovely styles there are these days for young women.

Mmm. When Mistress takes you shopping to the mall, darling, would you like her to dress you in some of these cute fashions? Here's the link to the Morpheus page on Pinterest so that you can enjoy lots more:

Morpheus in Pinterest

Letter 2 - Solutions for late deadlines?

Dear Prim,

I'm a regular member as you know and I want to throw my idea to you on the question of deadlines for your next issue. Your Aunt Frocks explained how you like to have deadlines because they give you a date to aim at and make you work harder. I should say I really appreciate your hard work, we can all see how much you do. But I'm not keen on this idea of publishing most of the issue on the deadline date but parts are missing and then they come a week later. I'd rather see it all together when it's ready even if it's late.

Another idea: don't set your deadline until close to the end, when you can see pretty clearly when you'll finish. Then you're going to have all parts ready on the date you told us. Another idea of course is to scrap deadlines altogether, but please keep those new issues coming - that's what makes PPW such a world-beater.

Keep up your wonderful work.

Ben xoxoxox

Hi Ben.

Yes, I know you're a member, and thanks for your support. Thanks too for your thoughtful ideas, full of sincerity. The thing about setting myself deadlines has two aims: one it tells you, my friend, when to expect the next issue. Secondly it gives me a target, much more likely to get the issue finished earlier than if there is no target to aim for.

I like your suggestion of leaving the projected date until close to the time - say a week before. I'm going to leave Walt Wisconsin out this month, so that I can catch up a bit on Prim's Petticoat Pansies issues for you and all members. It should take about six weeks to do the next issue. One thing I don't want to do, Ben, is mess you around. So please remember that I'm working on it for you.

Enjoy the Wendyhouse, my friend.

Prim x

Here's a new sweetheart for the Wendyhouse: it's Julie from Paris, who simply adores making herself more feminine in pretty sundresses.

Isn't she sweet! And those dresses! Every girl would love to wear them.

Letter 3 - How Petal has bonded for tit-sucking

Ms Frocks:

This is Stephanie, Petal's Mistress and Mommy. It is past time that I wrote to you and thank you for encouraging Petal to be her true self.

It was quite shocking to see Petal reveal herself to me as a pansy and share her desire to be a little sissy girl. Our relationship before that was on very shaky ground because the sissy was unable to please me. At the time I had no idea that she was masturbating daily (and more) to pics of sissy annie. How pathetic.

I am sure you can understand how hurt, upset and angry I was. It was also clear that Petal had no idea how far I was going to take her. If I remember correctly you warned her about potential consequences she might not be aware of. I had every intention to de-male her at the appropriate time.

My girlfriends, Dawn and Becky (among others) are very supportive of my plans for Petal. Dawn was the one who suggested infantilizing Petal. I never expected Petal to take to being a baby girl quite so readily. You should see her suckle, just like any other infant, when Becky nurses her. Petal has bonded deeply with Becky. She will do anything Becky requests of her. Becky has told Petal she desires her to be her baby girl forever. Petal is doing everything to show Becky that she is truly a baby girl.

We desire to reduce Petal's mind to that of an infant. A baby girl whose only thoughts are those of being fed, changed, and played with. Totally helpless and dependent. All the women expect that of her. The reality is that Petal craves that also. I never expected that. Now that she has been de-maled she is so much more compliant. No more disgusting masturbation or cravings to fuck sissy annie. The female hormones will also make her much more feminine in mind and body.

She still needs time to rest and recover from her surgery. After that she will be in rompers and baby dresses all the time. I look forward to showing off my baby girl to everyone.



Dear Stephanie,

It's nice of you to write to me and explain the background to Petal's big life change. Forgive me for being taken aback, but I am surprised you decided to demale your then boyfriend. Such a huge step. I can only suppose that you had thought it through in detail and taken the advice of your girl friends. And now, what's done is done, so yes, you will all make a big success of it. It's interesting that Petal should bond with Becky and not with you as a tit-feeding mother-figure. There must be something about her which clicks in the sissy's make-up - a chemistry of some sort that we don't fully recognise but it's there.

I'm sure it will be nice having a sissy baby to play with, but bringing with her a lot of hard work for you - - - the other side of sissy babyhood! I want photgraphs, Stephanie my dear. I want to see Sissy Petal in her rompers and baby dresses, and those lovely diaper and plastic baby pants photos.

I can't wait.

Many hugs, Stephanie,

Aunt Frocks x

I haven't any photos of Baby Petal, but another sissy baby girl has written to me and sent me her photos. Pansy Raelene Gronski:

Letter 4 - Full time sissy baby

Hello my dear.

You are so sweet in your pictures that I will be delighted to have a Pansy Gronski gallery in the Rose Room, and all the other girls will love it too. So you are as sweet and cuddle as this every day, darling? You must feel so dainty and girly, playing with your dolls and dressing so nicely. I love your pink shoes and pretty anklets. You must write to me again sometime when you have seen more pictures and stories in the Wendyhouse, to tell me what you like most of all.

Darling, I wonder if you are already a member so Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse? Because when sissies sent me photos to put into the Rose Room they are making lots of girls happy, so I reward them with a free month's membership, to start when you ask me. So write to me to say if you want your free month to start now - or when your present membership runs out. I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm hugs for my baby pansy Gronski,

Aunt Frocks x

Dear Aunt Frocks, thank you for writing back to his sissy, and sorry that this sissy took long to written back, because this sissy was sick for a few days. This sissy isn't a member of your wonderful site, mainly because this sissy is not allowed to have its own money, (this sissy has a Grown-up, that takes care of its monies ~~ by court order). this sissy would be honoured Aunt Frock to have at least a free month, so that it might be possible to see its pictures, and read stories and see pictures of other sissy babies.

Just a few things your readers might like to now, Aunt Frocks, this sissy does really and truly live its life 24/7 and permanently as a little girl and this sissys real leagal name is pansy raelene Gronski.

Thanks you again Aunt Frocks for taking the time to contact this sissy baby girl.

It's time for a story, darling, brought on by Pansy Raelene's letter. It's a Prim story, inspired by a lovely picture from Curtus.

His First Rubber Panties

Letter 4 - From Princess Pansy

Dear Ms Prim, thank you so much for replying to my email. It gave me such an excited feeling that we had introduced ourselves to one another. Thank you for the sweet sissy kiss. I think you are so talented at what you do. Many, if not all of your stories and artwork are a true sissies' dream. I love the way you pay particular detail to sissy collars, pussy bow blouses, skirts, dresses and buttons and bows. And most importantly frilly panties and petticoats. I am a slave to petticoats, aren't you? I just adore wearing satin hair ribbons and sissy hair-bows. I would love to see two sissy girls tying each other's hair ribbons in one of your future issues of Petticoat Pansies.

Best Wishes Princess Pansy x

Hello Princess Pansy.

It's nice of you to write again. Can I thank you for your kind words about my art and stories. You are quite right, darling, that I pay attention to femmy clothes as of great importance in the picture and story. For me it's the clothes that count. You're right to pick out collars as a prime feature for girliness in my eyes, and bow blouses, although it's blouses of all styles that I have always loved - especially retro blouses, so that brings in bow blouses which came into their hey-day in the 1970s. Yes, another love of mine for sissy sweetness is feminine buttons, which were used so effectively to feminize women's styles in the 50s, then again in the 70s-80s.

I'll keep in mind your request for a picture of two intimate sissies doing each other's bows. Sounds a lovely picture and story.

Let me tie your hair-bow for you, darling.

Prim x

I'm delighted to show you photos sent to me by a delicious girl with a million-dollar smile. This is Miss Jenni Dee.

Brilliant, Jenni, and thank you so much for sending me your photos.

Letter 5 - I apologise for cancelling my membership

Dear Aunt Frocks,

Please accept this naughty sissy's humble apologies for mistakenly believing he could have a normal life outside the Wendy House. I cancelled my membership about a month ago but have returned dressed in newly purchased lingerie with bowed head and prepared to curtsy and beg for forgiveness. As well as renewing my membership I shall add to my panty drawer and spend next weekend dressed at the shopping mall searching for new items to increase my sissification.

The reason I thought I could survive outside the Wendy house was probably due to my Mistress Vikki accepting an overseas assignment but she has written saying she will be returning in late October and will be very disappointed if she finds me trying to retrieve any of my male thoughts or attitudes. I do hope that with the help of the Wendy House, and by paying more attention to the advice of Miss Blouse, I shall escape her punishment and be allowed to continue as her pathetic sissy slave pandering to her every wish (I especially look forward to having to hand wash her lingerie and her taking me for a bra fitting at a sissy friendly store we have used in the past).

Your obedient sissy sophie

Well, Sophie dear, I don't hold it against you, of course, for stepping out of the Wendyhouse for a while. I can only commend you on deciding that you stand to become a better (that is, a more pathetic and more effeminate) sissy on the inside.

Mistress Vikki has the right idea, as women do. You need to ensure that you feed these girly wishes in your nature, by wearing pretty lingerie - I am delighted that you are setting about filling your panty drawer at once - and by reading Miss Blouse's column in Prim's Petticoat Pansies. There are other sources of inspiration for deepening your femininity in Prim's stories, darling, so pay attention to them. If a story makes you feel particularly sissy and girly, try and see what it is that causes this effect in your nature and your feelings. Then try and replicate it for yourself in real life.

Don't forget that your Aunt Frocks is here too to help you feel more sissy. You can write to me any time, or read what I say to other sissies in my Newsletter or in my Tell Aunt Frocks page in the Wendyhouse.

You are a darling for writing to me this time too.

A big Auntie kiss, Sophie,

Aunt Frocks x

You will have seen Marie-Christine's clever new feature in Prim's Petticoat Pansies, darling. She's good at captioning her photos for our amusement. She just has to share her desire to wear women's skirt suits, the better to fit in with women at work where they want to look their executive best. Here are a couple of magazine covers she has created for Male Secretary Monthly!

Would you like to follow Marie-Christine, darling, into the Women's World of Work? Of course you have to dress the part from the skin outwards, and generally fit in with the way women are: feminine and elegant.

Letter 6 - Caught in the bedroom

Dear Aunt Frocks,

I've got to tell you about what happened to me as a teenager, after reading Prim's story about "Caught In Flagrante Transvestis". I was an only child but I discovered that I wanted to wear my mother's dresses, nearly all of them were so attractive to me. I wasn't with a sissy boyfriend like Neville and Tony in Prim's story, but I was as careless as Neville was. My mum caught me wearing one of her dresses over one of her skirts, which I was using as petticoat. I had her dresses and skirts waiting for me to put on next, and blouses too all over her bedroom - I wish Prim was describing the scene, he'd make a much better story of it than I can. I took her dress off in front of her but I couldn't get her skirt off. She had to help me undo it, then left me to tidy her things away.

When I'd done that I went down and said I'm sorry. She was not happy - not cross with me - I think she wanted me to have a girlfriend, start a family, and maybe me wearing her clothes showed her that having a girlfriend was out of the question. But later when I put in a shame-faced appearance in the front room, she said she didn't mind me putting on her clothes - as long as I didn't spoil anything or get them creased, and if I did I would have to wash and iron them, or pay for cleaning. As a result I used to wear her clothes often, usually when she was out but sometimes when she was in, which made it exciting.

Thank you Prim for doing such great stories - you understand sissies perfectly.

Sissy Sally x

Hello Sissy Sally.

I love your letter because you have lived the full experience of facing trouble in a moment of personal fright. You don't say whether your mother was strict, but the very feeling of your secret being found out by her, in a shock moment, wearing her clothes which were so personal to her. You must have gone through so many emotions at that time. And then to go in and speak to her about it straight after. You're a girl of great courage, my dear.

I find it very interesting that you found it a stepping stone to expressing your inner self more freely. I'm also delighted you wrote, because you plucked up courage to tell me about it - and that reminds us of one thing about sissy sisters - they love to share their femininity and support each other. Your experience will be an inspiration, dear.

Warm love and thanks, Sally.

Aunt Frocks x

That's all for this Newsletter, hon, except that I want to show you a couple of nice pieces of Prim's art. Starting with this example of Sweetheart Styles, which appeared in Prim's Petticoat Pansies issue#12

Sweetheart Styles

And here's a Prim pic and story from years ago which have never appeared in Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse.

Drawing Room Sissy

One last photo of Jenni, who tells me that she craves the sissy life and would love to spend more time thinking sissy things.

Isn't she lovely? Pure girl, I'd say, and what a cute dress she's wearing.

I've loved having you with me to read my Newsletter, darling. How sweet it is for all those girls to write in so that we can share their feminine thoughts together. I hope you join me to read another Newsletter next month, or better still you could join me inside the Wendyhouse where all my Newsletters are waiting for you in the Emma Room.

Love and cuddles, my darling.

Aunt Frocks xxx