The fifth collection of Prim-Prissy stories
of female domination and petticoat discipline

1-Saturday is Open Day at the Sylvia Cane Girling School
Three males visit the Girling School for ejaculating demonstrations. Is this what YOU need?

2-The Irresistible Drawer of Panties
Two sissies are delivered into the hands of the Dominant Women's Assembly where they confess how they were caught red handed playing with panties.

3-Mrs Jones' Gentlemen Visitors
When Jonathan answers an ad for 'closet conditioning', he wasn't expecting such early attention to his innocent cock.

4-A Day in Sissy Heaven
Jack and Dave can choose to be girls permanently with multiple masturbation from their nurses.

5-You WILL Be a Little Girl!
An unsuspecting male is blackmailed into sissification for women's pleasure.

6-You're My Daughter-In-Law Now
Maud Knickering's two sons-in-law will dress as they are told and perform un-sexed duties.

7-An Unsuspecting New Boy in the Rose Cottage Lodging House
Landladies Mildred and Janice make sure Timmy feels the FULL pleasure of being dressed.

8-The Crushmen Sisters
When Suzanna hands her husband over for un-sexing, Edith and Cynthia Crushmen make a juicy job of his sissification.

* * *

If you like to feel girly and helpless,
our stories of petticoating sweetness
are especially for you. Enjoy!

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