Prim's Petticoat Pansies #11

Prim Stories:
Married Into Petticoats
( Chapter 5 - Playing With the New Family Sissy)
Madame Sterne's Sissification Schoolroom
( Chapter 1 - Fallon Starts His Training With Madame Sterne)
Prim Art:
Hostess Service in the Paradise Cross-Dress Hotel, Part 2
Helping Her Daughter With Her Marriage
The Sissy Suck-Chair

Vintage Prim - Updated:
Bringing Out Your Sweetheart's Cock

Starting a New Illustrated Story by Prim:
Baby In Pantyhose
( Chapter 1 - Michael Is Caught With Pantyhose)
( Chapter 2 - Michael Is Put Into Baby Girl Pantyhose )

Prissy Art:
Dress Code for the New Sissy Maid
Barbara Jean Art
Clarence, Countess In Panties
Curtus Art:
Babyfied By Nurse Starch
Penelope Art
Penelope Punished at Saint Hilda's
Satyn Art
Sissy Bride for Chief Michael
Vancy Art
Staying With Aunt Anastasia
Sweetheart Styles
Dollyneck Blouse and Kneeflare Capris
Aunt Frocks' Baby Page:
Prim Art: Baby Dolly Meets His Girlfriends
Prim Story: Please Dont Laugh At Me
Curtus Art: Babyfied by Nurse Starch
A story by Candy: Mistress Mommy Gets Her Candykins
Dear Aunt Frocks:
Readers letters confessing their deeply feminine needs ... including:
-a story by Silk Sissigan: Aunt Milly Knows Best
-a story by Christina: Sons Into Daughters - Part 1

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