Prim's Petticoat Pansies #14

Prim Stories:
Madame Sterne's Sissification Schoolroom
( Chapter 4 - Fallon Is Taught to Love Petticoats)
The Sweet Panty Wendyhouse
( Chapter 3 - Reginald is Force Dressed In the Wendyhouse)

Prim Art:
The More You Milk Him the Better
Dillon Goes to Seddie's Party
His New Sissy Uniform
Feeling So Girly In His Pantyhose
Vintage Prim - Updated:
Their First Clittie Kisses

Prim's Illustrated Story:
Baby In Pantyhose
( Chapter 7 - Michael Is Put Into Little Dresses )
( Chapter 8 - Michael Gets a Sissy Fright )

Prissy Art:
Ex-Males In Sissyville

Curtus Art
Dolly's Dick Bow

Penelope Art
Shall We Get You Dressed Now Mister Jones?
Satyn Art
Caught In Mom's Lingerie - Part 2
Vancy Art
Changed by Auntie Helga
Sweetheart Styles
Sweet Sissy Costumes Designed by Ms Frocks, Drawn by Prim
Silk-and-Buttons Blouse and Bloomers Set
Aunt Frock's Baby Room
Prim Art:He Needs Changing Mother
Barbara Jean Art: Mummy Loves Her Pretty Baby
Dear Aunt Frocks:
Readers letters confessing your deepest feminine needs ... including:
-a story from Amanda: My First Mummy
-real life pictures from Prissy by Jessi
-part 2 of the story by Christina: A Special Trip
-more pictures from Saline
-a photo from Candy
-a sissy school video from Lucy Fairfax
My Pink Boudoir:
Aunt Frocks invites you to browse Lovely Coats for Little Girls and Bigger Girls with her.

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