Prim's Petticoat Pansies #29

--- Special 'SISSY DRESS' issue! ---

Prim's Story:
- How to Sissify a Husband - A new Prim story in three parts.
Chapter 1: Isn't He a Wimp?

Prim Art:
1 - A Shock for the School Sissy
2 - Their First Sissy Sleep-over
3 - Party Panties With Party Dresses
4 - Please Can I Be Your Disney Princess?
5 - Shania Throws a Surprise Dress Party
6 - Public Punishment to Suit the Crime

Barbara Jean Art:  
Hartswell Is Presented On His 18th Birthday
Curtus Art:
Ralph Cross Gets a New Governess

Satyn Art:
You Won't Run Away Now
Vancy art:
How to Control Your Son-In-Law

Miss Blouse - Governess:
Sissy Jennifer - Before and After.
Sweetheart Styles
Sweet Sissy Costumes Designed by Ms Frocks, Drawn by Prim
The Panty-Show Curtsey
To reveal how Ladies dominate his sex
Aunt Frock's Baby Room
Prim Art and story:
Play With Your Dollies For Us, Babies

Tell Aunt Frocks:
Letters - photos - stories for Aunt Frocks to show you from:
Sissy Suki, Sissy dancer, Andrina, Kelly, Sissy Claire - and more

My Pink Boudoir:
Aunt Frocks will choose your Sissy Dresses for special occasions.

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