Prim's Petticoat Pansies #30

--- Special 'HELPLESS SISSY' issue! ---

Prim's Story:
- How to Sissify a Husband - Prim's story in three parts.
Chapter 2: Understandable I Know, But We Will Not Have Resistance.

Prim Art:
1 - A Day in the Pretty Boy Boutique - Part 1: Jason learns to cooperate with customers
2 - Working at Grace Petty's Lingerie
3 - Sissy Clittie-Sliding in Ladies' Skirts
4 - Caught in flagrante transvestis!
5 - Assisted Viewing of the Wendyhouse
6 - His Daily Visit to the Neighbourhood Sissy Watch

Barbara Jean Art:  
Sam gets the Shirley Temple look
Vancy art:
Aunt Persephone Sees to Percy's Wardrobe

Stewardess, secretary, exhibition attendant and law firm assistant

Miss Blouse - Governess:
Sissy Jennifer is renamed now that his sexuality has been fetishized
Sweetheart Styles
Sweet Sissy Costumes Designed by Ms Frocks, Drawn by Prim
The 'Baby Helpless' Inner-Sleeve Romper
For mommies who can't be doing with independent babies
Aunt Frock's Baby Room
Prim Art and story:
Sissy Frankie's Hormonal Titty-Suckies

Tell Aunt Frocks:
Letters - photos - stories for Aunt Frocks to show you from:
Audrey and Annie, Bella, Christine, Daisy, Dollie, Dyane, Jessi, Jill, Nancy Pansy Puff, Heather and Steph

My Pink Boudoir:
Aunt Frocks helps to dress you in Sissy Lingerie.

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