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Hi, I'm Aunt Frocks.

"Welcome to Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse, darling.
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"You're right when you say that Sissies who enter don't want to leave, I could happily live in here forever. Thank you to you and everyone involved for creating such a wonderful place."

Jessica [Fetlife]
10th November 2023
"OMG! I just logged in!!
How wonderful!"

Pink Sissy Kelli [Pinterest]
3rd March 2024


Leaving the Wendyhouse membership is no problem.

Follow the instructions on the email you received from Verotel following your initial payment, where it tells you how to stop payments. Or you can click the red JOIN button above, scroll down to the FAQs for Verotel where it tells you about unsubscribing in the question: How do I cancel my membership? Your access to the Wendyhouse will stop on the thirty-day expiry of your last monthly payment. Any problems, email Prim at primpansies@mail.com. You can rejoin at any time in the usual way, with your access opening again when your payments restart.

Fullslips in the Squidgy Room

Auntie Carol knows how effeminate young males need deep dressing in female lingerie.

The full story is in Prim's Petticoat Pansies #21 in the Molly Room
The Sissy Suck Chair

One day as Jeremy Sweeting attended his personal dressing lessons in the Headmistress's study she fastened him into a special chair and introduced him to Clive Pettinix.
The full story is in Prim's Petticoat Pansies #11 in the Jessica Room.

Loving Miss Danvers' Pleats

I invited Andromeda to bring her son-in-law Clifford for me to watch him surrendering into my pleats. I quite wet my panties watching him.

This story is in Prim's Petticoat Pansies #28, a special DOMINA issue. It's in the Molly Room.

Office Girl for the Blouses and Skirts Closet

Duncan Sweetlie works in an all-women's office, so has to be changed regularly into a fresh blouse and a nice little skirt. Of course he can't control himself.

This pic-story set is one of 120 in the Jennifer-Jayne Room.

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